Trudeau dripping with contempt, claims that the protestors do not represent Canada…

A response to Trudeau…

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  1. the people who will assist at his indightment for crimes against humanity won’t be very fringe. As in former dictatorships the blind despots will never ever admit to more than 1 % of people they killed or maimed for life, because they are ruthless murderers, full blown mafioso killers without any pity nor conscience and the Nuremberg II trial will indigt them one day, in the far future, as sure as Hitlers executioners were hanged.
    There are already now very efficient sleuth working hard to prepare those indigtments.
    Especially one stands out because he published a book in German.
    Lets hope Vlad Eyore will find someone to translate the following Video-interview from German into English. (Maybe Miss Piggy could do it. ??)
    At least download it soon for safe-keeping because it contains explosive proof and many names and details about the 20 year long preparations for this whole murderous pandemic-charade.
    The Author, German Heiko Schöning presents his book, which is called “it’s GAME OVER”, and which is the result of many years of extremely dangerous detective-work uncovering all the ruthless players involved in the series of fake pandemics starting with the post sept. 11, 2001 Anthrax threats nand their interconnections.
    The criminal who made billions already then with his patent of an anti-anthrax vaccin was suicided but his handler is still today the grey eminence and Godfather behind the whole vaccinsbonanza. His name is Edwin Meese, = the chief of staff for (naive) Donald Trump.

    • Thank you EB. Lol. If you are a Canadian truck driver you must be vaccinated = fewer trucks on the road. Hmmmm Perhaps Justine will ask the fringe, unvaccinated, illegals walking into Canada at Roxham Rd.(where Justine paid off the locals to keep quiet about the disruption), if they could possibly carry some goods in their backpacks to help out the supply chain issue. The transportation minister could supply donkeys at the border crossings. We don’t need anymore jackass in Canada.

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