The dialectic at work in Australia, No disease named for the contagious monkeys, Tucker’s mistake: Links 1, January 26, 2022

1. HOW DARE the CDC or whatever bit of the anti-American US government, not tell the public what disease it gave this woman. How DARE they! What are they hiding exactly. What virus were those monkeys carrying that they do not want us to know has been introduced to the American public? NOWHERE in this article do they say what disease she has, as they did not tell her. But there is simply no way they do not know what it is. Whatever zoomorphic disease these monkeys have, would be the reason they are being transported to the CDC, would they not?

Pennsylvania woman who came into contact with laboratory monkeys last week after a truck carrying them crashed has said she developed unusual symptoms.

On her Facebook page and during media interviews, the woman, Michelle Fallon, said she developed symptoms after the accident. Fallon wrote that she sought emergency room treatment at the Geisinger Medical Center in Danville.

Fallon told local media that after the crash, she believed the truck was carrying cats. However, when she approached the cages, a monkey appeared and hissed at her.

“What a day I try to help out at a[n] accident seen was told there were cats in the crates. So I [go] over to pet them [only] To find out it’s monkeys. Then I noticed that’s there 3 in each and [one] was completely broken the other was half broken,” Fallon wrote. “So I knew 4 got away. So come home go to bed. My aunt runs into New[s] crew [and] was ask[ed] to do [an] interview. Then find out not to get close to the monkey.”

She continued: “Well tried to pet one, I touch the [crates] and walk in poop. Then was told to [meet] police at the scene. To talk about exposure. News crew was the[re]. I thought they were [Centers for Disease Control and Prevention] so I to them. End up doing interviews. Talk to police and a lady with CDC. I’m will getting a letter. I’m very low risk for I don’t know what yet.”

(For I don’t know what yet”. They won’t tell her. But they know. Welcome to Pandemic 2022)

2. Quite often this site uses the term, “dialectics”. Even I find it annoying, and I’m the one who uses it. But why does it need to be used? What is special about that term that another more comfortable word wouldn’t cover? Also, its a special case use of the word. Well here is one really good example:

Dialectics in the communist sense, is another word for destruction using a number of non-kinetic tactics. And this is a great example. We saw it all the summer of 2020 when BLM protests where encouraged, permitted, and governments even threw gas on their fire, while BLM/ANTIFA threw literal gas on police stations and took over parts of cities, while all patriot events were made illegal because of the flu. Dialectics is being used in Australia in the exact same way. The purpose being to obliterate Australia as a people, a culture and a nation into an ungovernable set of entitled groups. Aboriginals being the best one to weaponize but yes, they do the trans-scam as well.

While on the subject…

3. Tucker Carson, knowingly or unknowingly, is making a false comparison. Or better put, Tucker is allowing himself to fall for the communist trick of varying levels of abstraction.

In the first part of the show, he goes to pains to show how the US government is ready to see much of the planet damaged to protect the Ukraine border from Russia, while allowing the US border to be erased like a pencil line on a map. Worse actually, as they encourage border crossers then fly them across the country to settle in Red states to obliterate a traditional America.

What Tucker doesn’t seem to get or express, is that the difference is, The United States government wants to see the end of all national sovereignty altogether. They want to see the nation-state destroyed along with Trudeau and Macron and the other acolytes of the WEF. Russia, wants to annex part of the Ukraine in order to make Russia a stronger polity. Russia wants to take part of the Ukraine to make a bigger, stronger Russia. The US wants a world government no one elects and is responsible to no people and has no culture other than what is dictated by that government at any given moment.

4. I don’t even need to track this down to know its either true or doesn’t matter. The masks do nothing to prevent Covid, and may in fact make people sick in other ways. There is a good discussion on this at the Ron Johnson open discussion Covid hearings part I on masks.

5. Klaus Shwabb on Trudeau:

Any questions?

Thank you all who contributed to these posts this week so far. There will be a lot of news this week and especially the weekend coming. Trudeau seems to be being run as an asset for the WEF. So who knows what instructions he has from Schwab concerning the Trucker’s action. But the important question is, what will the people he instructs do with those instructions, since protests are still legal and must always be legal, even if someone writes down that they aren’t and even if there are “emergency measures” to justify stopping them. Will police or the military obey orders which are in stark opposition to Canadian law and history?

Ottawa may feel some inconvenience this coming weekend and the week after due to the trucker action. I would remind them that when the American and Canadian military stormed France to get rid of the Nazis, there was also a lot of inconvenience for Parisians as Canadians and allies shed blood to get the French their liberty back. Having a rough time driving, or not getting everything you want at the stores, thats a pretty small price to pay. That is of course, unless Trudeau ups the anti and starts counter-actions that make things worse for everyone. But anticipating things as they are meant to be, Ottawa citizens had best understand that when the price of liberty, as in eternal vigilance, is not paid, and it was not, then the price goes up a lot to get it back once you have lost it.

And like a disease, the longer you let it fester, the more harsh are the measures required to defeat it.

So let this trucker action and the mild inconvenience it will bring be the winning action for a restored free and truly liberal Canada as opposed to the authoritarian fiat rule with not even the most basic bodily autonomy allowed. But should it not be, understand that any future attempts to restore a proper liberal democracy, or even better, a constitutional republic with rights we take and hold, will have a much higher cost.

It is not me saying this.

It is all of human history.

Eeyore for Vlad.

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    • The Wikipedia article has a timeline summary, and reference list. My point is that the pathogen might be not yet identified. I assume that if the woman has blood tests and is under hospital surveillance, then the pathogen (if any) is unknown.. Energetic monkeys and nonspecific symptoms sound like the story will have a good ending. If the government were better organized this could be a osy-op to scare Putin. So it sounds like a random traffic accident.

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