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4 Replies to “LIVE stream of Senator Ron Johnson’s new hearings into the Covid measures and value of the mRNA shots”

  1. Is this going to be recorded for people and posted that don’t have time to watch it live? If so, I would appreciate knowing where one might find the link so that my friends can see this discussion for themselves. It is really good material.


    • Im going to do my best to grab it and upload each testimony as separate videos as the week goes by. Keep an eye on this site. I expect to have at least one, if not a few of them done by tonight. But its a pretty busy time. The Trucker event of next weekend is historic or has the potential to be.

      Here is a question for you and all who meet this post:

      Could it be that Biden is starting a war with Russia just to get the attention off the information coming from this Johnson hearing and similar events that are waking people up?

      Because I think thats not beyond the Biden admin whatsoever.

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