Will Truckers give Canadians a moment in the fight for freedom on January 29th? Its up to us

‘Convoy for Freedom’: Canadian Truckers Hit the Road in Fight Over Vaccine Mandates

“We are taking our fight to the doorsteps of our federal government and demanding that they cease all mandates against its people.”

Canadian truck drivers who oppose COVID-19 vaccine mandates plan to participate in “The Convoy for Freedom,” a cross-country protest, on Jan. 23. The truckers will drive from the country’s westernmost province, British Columbia, thousands of miles east, towards Ottawa.

“We are taking our fight to the doorsteps of our federal government and demanding that they cease all mandates against its people,” said Go Fund Me organizer Tamara Lich. “Small businesses are being destroyed, homes are being destroyed, and people are being mistreated and denied fundamental necessities to survive.”

The protest stems from a Jan. 15 order by the Canadian federal government mandating the COVID vaccine for all cross-border U.S. and Canadian truckers.

This promises to fulminate in Ottawa on January 29th, at Parliament Hill, although with that many trucks it will be at least all of downtown if not much of the city. There is a good chance that if there is to be a moment in the resistance to the illegal tyranny multiple layers of governments have imposed on Canadians, this could be that moment. All those who are able to record and spread the actual information of these events which take place on that day, may wish to do so. Because unlike Marxist events like BLM etc. the main stream media, now all enemy propaganda agencies, will not report on it, but if they feel they must, it will be in the manner of a Soviet or Chinese media outlet with venom spewing towards all who seek freedom and a grotesque misrepresentation of the facts. Tucker Carlson noted that in the following clip:

And here they come…

This may create some minor and temporary inconvenience for many people in Ottawa. Those who feel a nascent sense of annoyance may want to compare it to the annoyance imposed by governments over the past two years, and the total abandonment of individual rights, which if we do not stop it right now, will increase till all but the tip of the elites will feel it viscerally. And they are calling themselves the elites now out loud.


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3 Replies to “Will Truckers give Canadians a moment in the fight for freedom on January 29th? Its up to us”

  1. A sign at yesterday’s Parliament Hill protest said: “Want Your Freedom As Much As You Want Your Toilet Paper!”

    I hope next weekend’s truckers protest becomes the million-person march Dear Leader, the police, the medical tyrants and all the corrupt media cannot ignore.

    Get to Ottawa if you can.

  2. Go truckers and people Go you have our support or at least you have the support of the people who can still think for themselves and can’t be bought with the tax money that their children and grandchildren will be paying. I wonder if anyone has checked to see how much of Canadian government debt is still being paid on from Pierre Trudeau and his liberal party Most people in Canada do not know that king George was in the process of granting the dominion of Canada and all common wealth countries freedom from English rule imposed by the treaties ending world war 2 when he passed away way to soon. I believe it is either time for Canada to become a true republic where every vote actually counts (you can still keep some social programs under a republic) or its time to break up this once great nation as a parliamentary system that doesn’t have equal representation for each province and territory does not work. Our senate is supposed to strike down bad laws but by being appointed rather than elected equally for each province and territory they pay little more than lip service to our corrupt elected officials a good example of a corrupt government is the tanker ban on the west coast on the pretext of protecting the wale’s and other sea life while there are many reported whales being struck by ocean tankers on the east coast with no such laws in place how is that equal under the charter oh right the charter is in no way carved in law its only a elusion to be manipulated by the government of the day

    • Parliamentary systems are inherently flawed; coalitions born in smoky back rooms often don’t reflect the will of the voters.

      For a country the size of Canada, vast differences of all sorts, a democratic republic is the way to go. Maximum powers guaranteed to the provinces, an Executive kept on a short leash.

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