Italian nun offers to take the vaxx if she is guaranteed Euros 7M for any adverse effects

I like the idea, but she is a fool for making the offer. The government-big pharma which has been lying about everything right from the start, would just say sure, then give her saline and say to others, “see! The vaxx is safe!” or, give her the worst stuff and claim whatever illness comes is not from the vaxx. Or it kills her. Then I guess they can drop a cheque into her coffin for the full amount as she is buried.

Still, it’s a good video.

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5 Replies to “Italian nun offers to take the vaxx if she is guaranteed Euros 7M for any adverse effects”

  1. I like her point very much, and as a father I very much relate. She’s all about accountability, which is currently absent. Who will help her community if she passes? If the injection is forced, and she dies, then her life should be worth something.

    The money part of the equation is so frequently forgotten it’s mind blowing. Take out the patriarch, or matriarch, however, and the void left is more than monetary.

  2. Hmmm… so a ‘nun’, who took vows of poverty, wants money for some damage that the injection may do to her health….!!!!
    ‘Eye for an eye’ sure has taken twist…. now if i am blind from the fauci sauce, i want money !!!!
    it truly is a level of insanity that not eve a Jung could deal with, and KRST would not even bother to ….
    WOW !
    Cheerful Love GrizzlyBear hug

      • Yup, no need to watch it again….
        you missed the message of my comment completely…
        now the ‘martyr’ program, a ‘saintly’ nun in the mold of that other ‘ saint’ …theresa…..
        For this ‘nun’ aborted fetal tissue, etc is not an issue, after all bergoglio approved it, no ?
        From there, many levels to the depth of hypocrisy…
        And that is the true reason for consternation, that such an obvious , superficially obvious , ‘role-play’ in this game of consciousness and conscience is unperceived….
        Cheerful Love GrizzlyBear hug

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