CBC reports on molehill next to mountain, Boris begs for mercy, RI court denies govt right to withhold disclosure and more: Links 2, January 23, 2022

1. Boris Johnson gives impetus to the pitchforks and torches crowd

2. Segment of now private video from Board of Health meeting

3. The RI government attempted to block discovery on a law suit against them over Covid measures. Much like how Trudeau’s Canada blocked discovery on the Chinese spies caught at the level 3 bio-lab in Winnipeg. When a government blocks the people from getting information that should have been public in the first place, it may be time to replace the entire system.

4. This is the Vice Admiral’s remarks that caused him to have to resign. The hoi-palloi word for fired.

(Why does everyone have to hate Russia so much I wonder. Putin is more a leader to his people than Trudeau or Biden or Merkel or Macron are, times infinity.)

5. A number of times, countless actually, I have called CBC “enemy propaganda”. I need people to know that this wasn’t hollow hyperbole. This is an accurate description of who they are, and what they actually do. Recently an editor ran screaming from that government funded Pravda explaining the mentality. And there likely will be more soon when the rain stops and the worms start to dry out in the sun. But to give an illustration of what enemy propaganda looks like as opposed to just an opinionated version of real events check out this story.

Readers of this site will know that there is a massive trucker’s convoy coming to Ottawa and demanding an end to all the illegal mandates. How is CBC reporting it? Well of course they aren’t. Exactly. Or put another way, CBC is reporting that there is a truckers protest convoy in BC which is protesting dangerous driving conditions on BC roads or some other deflecting and banal event. Which on the surface makes no sense. Why drive on the very roads you claim are dangerous? Nonetheless, thats the claim of the CBC. And there well may be one. But reporting on that one and not the massive one funded with now over $2M dollars of private donations, well that is an attempt to trick Canadians into thinking the one they are hearing about, is about that. Kind of like using a photo of a mannequin in an ICU to show how overcrowded hospitals are with unvaccinated people. Which is what you might call a CBC truth, since the mannequin was almost certainly not vaccinated.

(I notice they have updated their bullsh*t to include an en passant mention of the massive and infinitely more consequential convoy so they don’t lose all their credibility at once)

Black Pigeon speaks: Trudeau’s memes jump the shark


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  1. 5. Convoy

    “Just When You Thought Things Could Not Get Any Worse… ‘Bare Shelves Biden’ Bans Unvaccinated Truckers from Mexico and Canada into the US”
    by Jim Hoft – January 22, 2022

    Psaki lets it slip…
    by Kane – January 23, 2022

    • Uncle Vlad can take it a whole lot closer to the witches
      who have brewed up this stew.
      Like severing the undersea cables off the west coast of – – IRELAND!

      Robert Gilbey https://threadreaderapp.com/thread/1485021361747775489.html

      A live fire Russian naval exercise has been scheduled inside the Irish EEZ, at a time when tensions on Russian military build ups relative to Ukraine are high….

      Navy called in as Russians suspected of targeting undersea internet cable

      [T]he Kalibr 3M14K is, and with a range of 2,500km, at a speed of Mach 0.8 that is a significant threat to West Euro capitals & Transatlantic shipping & air travel.

      Check out the maps to see the range of these missiles.

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