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2 Replies to “Full Tucker Carlson for January 21, 2022”

  1. War is a sure fire way to distract from something else. And it’s typically used to get a country out of an economic depression. This will be too small scale to do that.

  2. I’m reading so many interesting stories today, I wouldn’t know where to start.

    One of them is some 150,000 truckers are expected to show up in Ottawa on January 29 (next Saturday). Wouldn’t that be something!

    Another would be Quebec’s no.1 media published a story about Blackstone’s involvement in Quebec affairs. Naturally, they don’t link Blackstone to Blackrock and their common interests worldwide, most notably the Big Guys within WEF.

    There’s an interesting photo of Quebec’s Premier Legault in Davos in 2019 happily in conversation with Blackstone. Two other photos of Blackstone, one with former Quebec Premier Couillard and the other with Justin Trudeau.

    Of note, Canada’s Mulroney has been on Blackstone’s Board since 2007. And Blackstone is now into buying up real estate in Quebec under Legault’s watch.

    All these WEF Big Guys indirectly own the media, the banks, the politicos, and soon the people.

    Photos are here, although story doesn’t address what is behind the true Agenda:

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