Prestigious French doctor: ‘The pandemic has disappeared in nations THAT DID NOT vaccinate’

Professor Christian Perronne is a French doctor and university professor-hospital practitioner (1)
University professor-hospital practitioner ( PU – PH ) is a status in the French state civil service which includes doctors , odontologists , pharmacists and scientists belonging to both a university and a university hospital center (CHU) appointed to permanent title.

This is a mixed status between that of university professor (PU) of the Ministry of Higher Education and Research and that of hospital practitioner (PH) of public health establishments . In this dual status, it is the university which is the main employer of the PU-PH. (2)

In December 2021, Prof Christian Perronne participated in a “doctothon”, which brings together “doctors known for their positions contrary to the scientific community” he feels that the epidemic has practically disappeared in the countries which have not vaccinated their population (1)

Prof Christian Perronne speaking at the EU Parliament hearing on vaccinating children – Luxembourg 12 January 2022 :
two main messages – we have flouted science and we have flouted rights.

Vice President WHO expert group on vaccinations for entire EU region of WHO which includes EU, Russia and Central Asia – (Turkey Israel etc)

(3) Doctothon :

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2 Replies to “Prestigious French doctor: ‘The pandemic has disappeared in nations THAT DID NOT vaccinate’”

  1. Incredibly clear synopsis of events. Thank you! We would all be well served to have this memorized for our own inevitable confrontation with authority.

  2. Why are most of them still wearing the stupid masks when it is known that they don’t work?
    Should they not be the first to give the example? It boggles the mind!

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