How Mao is my medicine? Texas Dr. shamed and fired for doing science instead of Biden diktats

How Mao? This Mao.

It is really great that Laura Ingram mentioned the Soviet nature of this story. But it looks to me more like the Maoist tactic of public humiliation. Much like Democrats did to Trump supporters when they staged early morning arrests and tipped off CNN camera crews so the nation could watch. They do not do that to actual terrorists. But to a doctor that actually practices scientific medicine, meaning she adjusts her methods with observations of what works and what doesn’t, she gets the Mao Mao.

The Whole Laura Ingram show is very good actually. Here is is at this link.

Remember this video from on or before May of 2020? I wonder what happened to him? This was before the vaxx was on the table so they may not have destroyed him for it. But I bet its hard to find this clip other than on obscure platforms like 3Speak.

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    • Thank you V11.

      “Some Basic Child Psychology

      So here are a few basic bullet points about children, some of which might seem a bit counterintuitive or at least not the type of thing you would see or hear frequently:

      Kids, especially younger kids who are untainted by the messiness of life, are like little human lie detectors, and even though they usually lack the comprehension or sophistication to articulate it even to themselves, they absolutely pick up when something untoward is going on.

      Kids when confronted by a unavoidable contradiction or dissonance will typically resolve it by internalizing that they are to blame in some way.

      Kids assume that however they experience life (especially in their initial formative years when they first start to build a repertoire of detailed memories) is representative of how life is “supposed to be”.

      Kids are not resilient in the sense that they can shake off considerable emotional trauma or abuse.

      Kids are very resilient in the sense that they can internalize emotional distress and trauma as “normal”, and suppress their natural instincts and feelings that impede functioning “normally” in this unnatural emotional state.

      Good parenting is critical and can blunt the negative impacts tremendously. Conversely, bad parenting can be just as powerful as a damaging force.”

      What parent has not reassured a child that it was not them when the world goes ballistic? Whereas, what teacher has not comforted them that they are Special?

      “A Sense of Helplessness
      Being at the mercy of the arbitrary and capricious whims of others makes you feel a sense of helplessness, which is extremely stressful and grueling, and can eventually break a person mentally and emotionally.”

      To walk two miles for the plebians of Socialism, or allow the Authority in the Home to be recognized by the child as The State.

      Chistian dhimmis give up their children to islam through exactly the same way. These parents are Third Class Citizens. Their children are free from such stress when they embrace their new politically correct identities.

  1. Quebec Government PM Legault and Health Minister gave a presser today.

    So, we find out only 565,000 Quebecers haven’t received any jabs. They will be sending teams to our homes to convince us to submit to a first jab.

    During the question period, a few reporters asked PM Legault what his intentions were for those who refuse the first jab? He deflected so fast. He mentioned there are people who might not be aware of jab availability and others who don’t speak our (French/English) language. He never answered the questions.

    IMHO, yesterday’s viral Rebel News video clip of the two kids answering in Maoist lingo came to his attention. And now, it’s over. He can no longer follow through on his threat of fines, tax deduction, or whatever financial penalty because it will always be linked to the TV show and kids. A blessing in disguise?

    Note: As a result of his financial threat, the majority of unjabbed got their first jab. The money hammer goes a long way.

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