Many nations drop Covid measures and shun authoritarianism, while Canada and Australia go the other way: Links 3, January 19, 2022

1. Czech Republic abandoning vaxx mandates.
(We have Xanthippa working on a really interesting video for us from the Czech Republic.)

2. More than one in four Canadians support jail time for the unvaccinated, poll finds

(Try it.)

In the Maru poll, 27 per cent of respondents say it would be OK to jail the unvaccinated for up to five days

Many Canadians are in favour of harsh punishments for the unvaccinated, with 37 per cent saying in a new poll it would be acceptable to deny them publicly-funded health care — and 27 per cent that it would be OK to go as far as a short jail sentence. “A majority of Canadians have little sympathy for the unvaccinated,” said John Wright, executive vice-president of Maru Public Opinion, which conducted the poll on Jan. 14 and 15. Maru surveyed an online panel of 1,506 Canadians. A comparable probability sample of the same size has a margin of error of +/- 2.5 per cent, 19 times out of 20.

3. While the UK and even Germany at least make noises about winding down the totalitarian mRNA injection policies, Canada and Australia are ramping up their mandates.

4. Quebecer still facing court for being disobedient about useless masks

Because at this point, everyone knows masks don’t do anything to protect people from a virus. So charges stemming from refusing to wear one, is about obedience. Not health. And Canadians seem disturbingly OK with that.

5. It appears that Senator Ron Johnson is setting up another Senate hearing to deal with mRNA shot damage. Set for Monday the 24th. Get your popcorn and coffee ready. It will likely be epic, and need everyone’s help to spread it as much as possible.

6. I was wondering why he resigned. I was hoping it was a sign of integrity.

7. Majority of Canadians currently hospitalized are fully vaccinated, government data shows

Those fully vaccinated against COVID-19 make up the lion’s share of people currently hospitalized with the virus in most provinces across Canada. 

True North has compiled a list of current hospitalization rates broken down by vaccination status using the latest data reported by various provincial and territorial health authorities. It is to be noted that reporting on hospitalization varies by region and that some provinces have not provided statistics on hospitalization by vaccination status. 

ICU admissions were also included although reporting varied widely by region. In Canada, 77.10% of the population has been fully vaccinated against COVID-19 as of Tuesday. It is also to be noted that, due to being a smaller share of the population, unvaccinated Canadians will make up a smaller statistical portion of hospitalization numbers. 

Thank you all who contributed to this post and this day’s efforts. It promises to be an interesting week and weekend. Some tweets are implying that the Trucker protest is an actual siege of Ottawa. If they actually do that, it will be the excuse Trudeau is waiting for to actually call on the military and one up his father, who had a fairly benign war measures act in his day. This one won’t be. This will be Canadians attacking Canadians.

Now the meme/tweet below may not be official. This could be the Canadian equivalent of that most likely FBI guy, Ray Epps that rallied everyone into the Capitol buildings in order to justify the fascist lockdown of DC that followed. An RCMP officer could have made that tweet because Trudeau wants to represent a legitimate and richly deserved protest as a siege. Which surely would justify a military response.

If anyone reading this goes to the protests this weekend in Ottawa, or anywhere for that matter, and hears a person trying to get people to do something which can be spun as terrorism, make sure to surround them and point and yell FED FED FED. Because you know that is who it will be.


Not to mention that Trudeau and his fascist cohorts will likely be in Florida during this event enjoying whatever they can think of to enjoy.


This looks more legit:

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    • Before Obama when STRATFOR was a good publication, they published that any government is just 7 meals away from revolution.

      So even if the elites have a basement full of food and luxuries, once the rest of us run out for a few days, it could go badly for them.

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