Berenson, Malone, China, and why the media on Texas Synagogue is so Kafka: Links 1, January 18, 2022

1. Alex Berenson doubles down on his post about vetrinary vaxx and Pfizer’s knowing and deliberate malfeasance. This helps a great deal to understand the mindset and operations planning of Pfizer.

If you missed last night’s story: Pfizer made a veterinary vaccine that killed thousands of calves. As the German gov’t investigated, Pfizer denied responsibility and kept selling the vaccine.

The head of the Pfizer division responsible for the vaccine? Albert Bourla, the company’s current CEO

2. Fauci Invested in Chinese Companies With Ties to Beijing Through Fund, According to Financial Disclosures

Dr. Anthony Fauci invested in the Chinese regime’s corporate “national champions,” large Chinese companies that advance Beijing’s interests and benefit from state policies, in a 2020 investment portfolio, according to recently disclosed financial records.

??Sen. Roger Marshall (R-Kan.) obtained the records (pdf) and published them on Jan. 14, showing that Fauci had $10.4 million in investments, including holdings in several funds, at the end of 2020. One particular fund was named the Matthews Pacific Tiger Fund.

The fund invested 42.7 percent of its investors’ capital on companies based in Hong Kong and China, according to a fact sheet (pdf) published by the private investment firm Matthews Asia in September 2021. Those companies included Tencent Holdings, Alibaba Group Holdings, Hong Kong Exchange and Clearing Ltd., and WuXi Biologics Cayman.

3. Texas Synagogue Terrorist Came Out Of Uk Islamist No-Go Zone

As far back as 2013, Pakistani Muslim terrorists had plotted to take “foreign Jews” hostage to trade for ‘Lady Al Qaeda’. In 2022, a Pakistani Muslim terrorist actually went out and did it. The hostage crisis at Congregation Beth Israel, a Reform Temple in Texas, ended with Faisal Akram of Blackburn, another post-industrial English town where Muslims make up a third of the population and Pakistanis account for over 10 percent, dead, and his Jewish hostages set free.

Back home, the Blackburn Muslim Community page announced that “Faisal Akram has sadly departed from this temporary world” and prayed that Allah “bless him with the highest ranks of Paradise”.

(For anyone still wondering about the mysterious US reportage on this, which claims the attacker was “british” and carefully avoids the obvious truths in a Kafkaesque fashion, I would remind people of the Biden admin, TEVUS report and database.

Here is Brad Johnson explaining the seemingly alchemical transformation of Islamic terror into ‘white supremacy’.

4. Interview with vaxx victim. Remember, Pfizer wouldn’t allow any adverse effect from their gene therapy to be reported in the trials. Had this woman been in the original Pfizer trials, her outcome would not be reflected in the stats. We saw this clearly in the Senator Ron Johnson hearings. You can see all that testimony on this site.

5. Dr. Robert Malone on how all war games on battling pandemics end in a need for total population control

Remember those Johns Hopkins Pandemic war games that occurred over the span of decades? Where the outcome usually ended in a need to control the populace, by which behavioral modification techniques are used to enforce cooperation from the populace.

Right now, one can wander over to Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security and see their current projects include an analysis of “anti-misinformation actions’“, which they call the Environment of Misinformation.

World leaders, governments, big media, big pharma and tech giants are busy planning out the next pandemic response. So, maybe it is time for those of us who believe there is a better way to live than to be controlled, to plan out responses to all these draconian measures. As well as to begin to develop counter measures to a bio-threat that do not use censorship, propaganda, mandates and behavioral modification techniques. You know, the old fashioned way where the government relies on people to use their own critical thinking skills to assess what is best for themselves and their families, after getting all the information available.

So, let’s climb aboard and let’s have a think about how “we” are being controlled, nudged, censored and lied to during this pandemic, and to be aware that governments are already planning how to control us better in the next.

Thank you Johnny U., M., EB., Tania Groth, ET., PC., KAF., and MANY more who are rigorously trying to understand and properly represent the events of the day.

Definition by example of a rhetorical question:

“Do you think that the fact that the Islamic attack and hostage taking was at a very far left, “progressive” synagogue will change the minds of any leftist Jewish people about the nature of Islam or of progressive ideology?”

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  1. ITEM 3: Conservative Tree House has an opinion, that of the FBI knowing and helping out. The goal would be the distract from the disastrous Biden’s presidency.

    “The current mission of the FBI is to facilitate, preserve and protect the administration of Joe Biden. The attack in Colleyville presents as a purposeful distraction from a multitude of extremely bad headlines overwhelming the administration as a direct result of leftist policy.”

  2. About the Vaxx and control of the population: it is so bad in Quebec that I have been looking at properties in Southern Alberta. The Quebec government will be ruining me financially because I refuse the jab.

    At this moment in time, no words can express my extreme distress as I have to sell my house, decide what furniture I keep and sell or discard, arrange for a long-distance moving truck after finding another property. So much timing is involved. And I will probably have to euthanize my beloved budgies as they might not be able to withstand the long-distance move. I’m sick, terribly distraught, no appetite, very dizzy.

    I have to leave a house that I love and it will be very hard to find another landscape as I now have.

    A distressed citizen can no longer fight back thus it is easier to control and not everybody has the means to move.

    Note: The QUEBEC government is importing loads of future citizens from Africa with experience in the medical field such as nurses, hospital workers.

    • I know it’s not much, Sassy, but I imagine my daughter would love to babysit your budgies till summer when you head back this way to take care of other stuff. Her budgie passed away last year. If you put them into a warm car and drive them to Ottawa we’ll watch them for you. They would be room mates with a little lizard.

    • Be strong, Sassy. Poverty drove my grandparents from 1918 Europe, which saved their lives come WWII. We don’t know why something happens at the time it happens. I am so grateful that they felt that their only option was to leave.

  3. Another doc I’ve been watching. He is discussing blood work, and the ridiculous ongoing denials that there are bad adverse events due to the jabs….This will probably get banned.

  4. There is a purported screenshot of a tweet making the rounds from someone who says that he used to attend that synagogue, but was asked to stop because he carried. The name is of simeone who cinducts self-defense classes. For the record, I have trouble following how the fresh-off-the-boat shooter was able to negotiate buying a gun and ammunition and attend a morning service without experiencing jet lag. Seriously, don’t “successful” terrorist operations require a few good nights of sleep after a visit to the Masjid on Friday?

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