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One Reply to “‘After two years, it’s too late’ | Neil Oliver reacts to Danish newspaper apology for Covid coverage”

  1. Apology?
    An attempt to CYA?

    Let’s see how the media behaves now. If the media does its proper job of ferreting out the truth we should expect to be reading and hearing about the results of their investigative efforts exposing the whole dirty, diabolical mess and the names that go with it.

    Let’s see if the complicit media has an about face: instead of going after Vaxx-disenters and physicians trying to get the truth out to the public we need to see the vindication of these people made pariahs by, I hope, a *once* Mengele media. And we need to see it in blazing headlines, week after week, until those responsible for killing off hundreds of thousands of people around the world are brought to trial.

    Let’s see how hard they pursue the truth of it all.
    After all, it’s the media who mixed the poison potion of false narratives which served the despicably evil aims of Mr. Global and his henchmen.

    That’s the test.

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