More Canadian government spying on its citizens: Links 3, January 15, 2022

1. Yes they did do that. We posted on this ugly ugly thing the Canadian politburo did to its serfs some time ago. It is nice to see that some politicians noticed.

This isn’t about disease, this is about disobedience. ANYONE planning to attend a demo against Covid measures or any other Trudopian sacred cow, make sure to leave your phone at home. If you plan to take pictures, bring a camera. They will January 6 you. Don’t let it happen to you. And the good news is, at this exact moment, it is still legal not to carry your damned phone.

2. Police Negotiating With Suspect Holding Four Hostages at Texas Synagogue

The individual is reportedly demanding the release of Aafia Siddiqui, who is serving life for planning to kill U.S. servicemen who questioned her in Afghanistan ? The Reform synagogue stresses social justice values, and the rabbi, one of the four hostages, has embraced progressive causes.

Authorities are negotiating with a man who has taken four people hostage at the Beth Israel synagogue in Colleyville, Texas, during services on Saturday.

ABC reported that the man, apparently identified as Muhammad Siddiqui, is holding the rabbi and three congregants in a bid to secure the release of Aafia Siddiqui, who is serving a prison sentence until 2083 for attempted murder charges.

UPDATE: On Twitter locals are reporting a very loud explosion from the location. LOTS of updates here. Situation is resolved. All hostages are fine. The hostage taker made his flight to paradise. His sister is apparently in prison for terrorism.

3. Enemy propaganda network, Global News, sports this unifying headline: It’s time to really ramp up pressure on the unvaccinated

How hard should Canada be pushing unvaccinated citizens to finally get inoculated against COVID-19?

We should be pushing them extremely hard. We should be persuading and pressuring vaccine holdouts in every way we can think of — educating, incentivizing, penalizing — short of all-out public shaming or frog-marching them to clinics and forcing needles into their arms.

Here is our counter: It’s time to ramp up pressure to end the influence of enemy propaganda sites like most if not all legacy news in Canada. Especially Global News and CBC which lie and invent to force classic Maoist dialectical and destructive attacks on classical Canada.


Thank all of you who contributed to the workings of this site this past week. Its going to be quite a news intense week coming up I suspect, with trucker bans and shortages everywhere and Quebec and revelations that the Canadian government is spying on every aspect of our lives. Long time readers of this site might remember when Trudeau was first elected, he tried to get banks to pony up a lot of data on a lot of Canadians that included every cent they spent and deposited, AND, was connected to their names and addresses. At that time there was still a vestigial opposition and it was dropped. But you can bet he didn’t forget about it and who knows if he found a work around to the objections. It wouldn’t be the most odious thing he has done even this week.


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  1. I agree: Leave your cell at home. I don’t have a cell; at times, it’s tempting but the risks by far outweigh the benefits.

    If you leave your cell at home and you don’t want them to know where you are and what you buy, pay cash. And very important: Do not scan your store loyalty card. It’s not worth it for free points.

    • I suspect the cell isn’t the problem so much as the SIM. If you have a cell phone you can use it as a small computer, and use Wifi here and there when you take it with you to places. As far as I know, at least for the moment, malicious actors like the Canadian government, is only tracking you via your phone’s interaction with towers. This only happens when you have a SIM in it.

      Someone correct me or adjust this as needed based on better understanding please.

  2. 2. “FBI identifies Texas synagogue ‘terrorist’ as 44-year-old British man…”

    All they mentioned was the person held a British Passport. They do not know if he identifed as a man. This is just as false as saying that he had identified as muslim picking on Jews, simply because he walked likes a duck, sounded like a duck and acted like a duck. That would be prejudice until the facts came out.

    So if you are going to lie as a reporter, be consistent. Because if he had white skin, WHITE! would be injected into every other line. And there’s nothing here to identity that she considered herself BRITISH.

    FBI identifies Texas synagogue ‘hostage negotiator’ as 44-year-old British passport holder…

    The Fourth Estate has left the building.

    • He claimed to be Aafia Siddiqui’s brother, but this has shown to be false.
      So the question of motive is unanswered. What could it possibly be!?

      Pleased to meet you
      Hope you guess my name
      But what’s puzzling you
      Is the nature of my game

      • Some answers might be at the following link. However Ill remove the first part which is to facebook. so you can add that in yourself.

        https://m. .com/USCouncilMuslimOrganizations/videos/?_rdr

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