The mechanics of incremental totalitarianism in 5 news items: Links post 1 for January 8, 2022

1. Tucker Carlson clip on how increasing populations means diminished quality of life. And even diminished life.

For our part, the key bit is where he references the subtle change in language to deemphasize the individual and replace it with the language of arbitrary and even fictional groups, such that governments can focus on anything they want using the metric of imaginary populations like trans-people or even blacks, which don’t really exist as a community per se but as a subset of the total population who’s interests are mostly the same. This is clearly part of the mass line narrative attack on individualism. After all, shifting from individuals to communities is a clean half way point to ‘the collective’ or, ‘the people’ innit?

2. The US enjoys a victory. Let us see if there is enough left of a justice system to make this happen. While the courts may have more or less done the right thing, we saw a report from Canada this week that some ‘civil servants’ had been caught on a zoom meeting agreeing to delete files that had been requested by FOIA requests rather than submit them.

3. How did Trudeau and other leaders part of Operation Lockstep manage to get hundreds of millions of people to do things that are anathema and they would otherwise never do? Well first, you ask a small thing and make it voluntary but still, something outside what anyone would normally do because of the obvious slippery slope. Then when asked what happens next if they do this, they get the same kind of reassurance doctors are paid so much to do all day.

Once they have got enough of the public to go that far, they move the population by increments using the “defending one’s purchase’ psychology. For a really good explanation of that, read about the Dollar Auction. A game theory device that shows how you can get people to move from playing for a win, to playing to minimize a loss. Which is a fundamental move away from normal behaviour. But it does explain why people average down on losing stocks, put money into a used car they already put too much money in, and stay in relationships that are deeply unhappy and destructive. Simply put, people can be made to protect their own investment in a project, rather than evaluate the project as a whole and determine its worthiness for fresh resources. Perceived cost benefit over actual cost benefit.

And now we are at MANDATORY vaccinations for a product that is both dangerous, doesn’t work, and needs more and more doses over less and less time.

Dr. Trozzi has asked for your support by downloading a document and changing the key bits to your own data, print sign and mail. For those inclined to look, and maybe even do it, here is the link.

The planned charges are being filed Monday AM so please act on this if so inclined before then.

4. In keeping with the spirit of the post, especially item 3., The Netherlands is pulling the same con where 2 weeks to flatten the curve becomes 3 years to flatten your rights.

Health Minister: Lockdown unlikely to end next week; Press conference expected Jan. 14

Health Minister Hugo de Jonge told reporters gathered in The Hague that residents should not expect the current lockdown in the Netherlands to be significantly relaxed after January 14. A press conference to announce any changes to the coronavirus policy is expected next Friday. “We must remain cautious,” De Jonge said on Friday after his last meeting with the Council of Ministers as the country’s public health minister.

The average number of daily coronavirus infections in the Netherlands reached an all-time peak of 22,543 on November 28, when the Cabinet implemented an evening lockdown. Despite daily infections falling by a third, the lockdown was expanded on December 18 to include most publicly accessible locations at all hours.

The steady decrease suddenly reversed course during the last week of 2021, as infection figures began to rise with the highly contagious Omicron variant becoming dominant. Just in the last week, the seven-day average increased by 50 percent to 18,932, after two consecutive record-breaking days where infections topped 24,500.

5. Those of you in Quebec or familiar with Quebec, please check this one and flesh it out? its a very important increment towards authoritarianism. I guess we will have to hire the vaccinated to do our shopping for us now? Until that is banned of course.

Thank you Miss Piggy, M., X., C., Don L., Oz-Rita, Johnny U., PC. and many more who I can only imagine are feeling this is increasingly a ride at the Ex which has gone right off the rails.

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  1. QUEBEC, it will be getting worse. The College of Physicians is getting involved.

    ** Quebec College of Physicians calls for stricter measures for the unvaccinated **

    MONTREAL — The Quebec College of Physicians is urging the government to “speed up the pace of implementing measures to limit the number of contacts with unvaccinated people.”

    College president Dr. Mauril Gaudreault affirmed his support for the future obligation of a third dose to hold a vaccine passport, writing in a letter published Friday that its arrival “must be done more quickly and “cover a wide range of businesses and public places.”

    (IMO, he’s irrational. How can one limit the number of contacts with unvaxxed people? Families have jabbed and non-jabbed people within the family units as well as friends among each other. To implement such a measure for public spaces only is howling in the wind. I think the College president is acting for his Big Pharma contacts.)

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