Looking at the least noticed but most important part of the recent Trudeau statement against the Unvaxxed

We have posted this video twice so far. This makes it three. And frankly, until everyone sees it and understands its meaning, it should be posted a lot more.

In this instance I want to drill down on one statement Trudeau makes with the assistance of his comrade in the media. Certainly not a reporter or a journalist, as they represent the people and ask questions about policies which may affect them in a way that helps them decide for themselves what they think. This woman is an enemy propagandist working with Trudeau to create a specific effect.

In the first twenty seconds, before he gets to the total negation of the worth of those who do not want to take an experimental mRNA gene therapy, calling them out as subhumans, not worthy of their existence in Trudeau’s Canada, he and his partner in propaganda state that anyone who refuses the shots are extremists.

This is part of a grander policy called CVE, which stands for Countering Violent Extremism.

Obama actually had an office of CVE in the White House which was dismantled under Trump and reformed presumably now, as most of the current administration’s policies seem to be based on it.

To give a crude idea of how it works, a patriot who believes in the US constitution and individual rights, is an extremist in communist parlance, because they are counter-revolutionary. A person who swears to defend the constitution with force, is a violent extremist and must be countered with any means possible. Hence CVE. This is not an American concept. This is from the COMINTERN.

So when Trudeau and his comrade say that those who refuse to take the shot are extremists, they are saying that anyone who believes in their very existence as an individual is an extremist. And mark these words: Anyone who actually defends their right to individual decisions such as what injections to take for any reason, especially perhaps an injection that the same government lets you know is ineffective and unsafe, will be called a violent extremist. 

The reason the push to take the shot GROWS with the data that shows its ineffective and unsafe, is, in our opinion, because the primary purpose of the shot is to destroy the individual as a concept in the minds of the public. To take the shot is to accept the state as a greater authority to you, than your own best information and interests. The video above of Trudeau is a dense and rich mine of applied dialectics. Of a crushing narrative meant to destroy all other cultures and belief systems. But primarily the destruction of the concept and existence of the individual.

Hegel said “…and the state shall be unto like a God that bestrides the land”.

The individual has no meaning or value in such a state. And calling those who for whatever reason, good bad, scientific or superstitious, decline this shot, one which is now clearly not useful in any sense of the term, ‘vaccine’ for Covid19, an extremist, is a perfect illustration of this.

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  1. Trudeau like Hitler is a very dangerous man
    And not surprising he was re-elected
    Mass Formation principles apply
    He fits clearly into the psychosis part

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