Trudeau stuns TV audience by channeling Mao’s method of fomenting hatred

Please read the story over at RAIR

For an understanding of Mao’s Mass Line attacks, check out this paper by Stephen Coughlin



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9 Replies to “Trudeau stuns TV audience by channeling Mao’s method of fomenting hatred”

  1. In the 1930’s, Adolf Hitler succeeded in removing the Jews from German cultural society…
    In the 2020’s, Justin Trudeau succeeded in removing the Unvaccinated from Canadian cultural society………………..
    “There is nothing new under the sun……..Ecclesiastes 1:4-11…

  2. Whether you like it or not, this shows that Trudeau truly believes what he is saying about the unvaccinated.

    Look at the body language, these statements are not made just for show or for short term political gains (i.e., election time). I don’t think he would have any second thoughts if presented with an opportunity to increase coercion.

    If you can leave Canada (if only for a 1-2 year sabbatical, as a precautionary measure), do it now.

  3. Stephen Coughlin, please find a way to write less dense and more clearly.

    1-The problem is the only way out of the pandemic is through vaccinations. The State is very patiently trying to convince people who haven’t yet made up their minds.

    2-Blocking our way back to normal life are 20% of Quebecers. These are racist, women-hating, anti-science cultists. They’re even less human because they “…take up space…” like boxes in our societal warehouse, so they’re like human garbage that has to be thrown out. I have to decide what to do with them. I can’t say it directly, but there’s no way we can allow these horrible people to get in the way of all that bwe good people have done by getting injected.

    3-Solution: Negate the 20% by imprisonment.

    The goal, the problem, the solution.
    Thesis, Anti-thesis, Synthesis.

    Hegelian dialectic is a sneaky statement with a manipulative structure. The goal presented is wrong, the problem as stated is absurd, and the solution is ridiculous. Yet, it may be accepted by the majority because it may be a way out of the peoples’ State-imposed discomfort, and it may even satisfy the lust for cruelty and retribution intentionally generated by the supercharged hatefulness of this kind of statement, itself.

    I guess this is where the expression “final solution” comes from.

    This isn’t good. And it’s in French because English Canada isn’t ready for such rhetoric. He’s the puppet of monsters. Let’s lobby Governor DeSantis to negotiate our exile to Florida on humanitarian grounds.

    • Problem, Reaction, Solution. This is a logical course of action.

      Virus, Deaths, Isolation. By isolating people and isolating the virus to see if that works. And then pursuing prevention and cure while under constant review.

      The Helgian Dialectic (of thesis, antithesis resulting in Synthesis) is to find a solution through counter arguments. To have a panel of experts and dispassionate counsel. Where the religions of Diversity and Ideology remain outside.

      Trudeau framed anti-vaxers as racist and misogynistic, (though not stating homophobic) inviting tribal legal-hatred to be raged against them.

  4. Trudeau: ‘Extreme anti-vaxers are often misogynists, often racists’.

    Is this true, or is it a politician using lies to guilt people into being afraid of being labelled misogynist or racist as every Communist invents new thought-crimes to coerce?

    Is it more about an independent person making certain that no untested man-made vaccine will enter their body whilst making certain their lifestyle does not change – like wearing masks beyond simply reducing hand to mouth contact – due to a man-made virus, is not misogynist or racist, but stepping out of the madness of fear-mongering to protect themselves and their family?

    The very attempt to accuse and guilt people of being ‘often misogynists, often racists’ does nothing more than to convince them that the ‘the sky is falling’ crowd are trying to blend this opportunity of a health-crisis to coerce the population into their revolution of non-binary, non-body and non-property ownership. Submission for the good of the masses. Russia and China being examples of Social Credit Citizenship, and the body harvesting of dissenters.

    To see this as trusting Useful Idiots.

    But the virus still exists. Your choice to consume the latest scientific breakthroughs or not. . Testing and vaccines are not perfect. Enforced social isolation is perfect. Such sacrifices. And such political opportunities for data mining.

    Pity it did not stay in Wuhan.

    • Misogynists, racists, woof-woof, quack-quack.

      Emptied of meaning, they’re just strings of dirty words: Anti-vaxxers are mother-effers or [baby-kitties].

      Playground tactics.

  5. Reward: For the apprehension of Justin Trudeau on charges of crimes against Humanity, and his subsequent reduction to produce, I offer the sum of $0.25 cdn, and a quarter of really hortical ganesh.
    Why does this country not have a mechanism for removing ( in easy to carry pieces…) ‘elected officials’ who go off the res and have nothing save genocidal hatred for the citizen?
    The reward stands. A nice, shiny caribou, and quarter of great weed.

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