Three year olds must be under a lot of stress these days, and revisiting Swine flu: Links 2, December 27th, 2021

1. Three year old girl dies of Cardiac Arrest one day after getting the Chinese Cinopharm shot

The Ministry of Public Health of Tucumán, Argentina released a report that a three-year-old girl died last December 16 and the justice system has intervened and will investigate the cause of her death.

“On Thursday, December 16, 2021, at 12:00 hours, a 3-year-old patient, in cardiorespiratory arrest, enters the Emergency Service of the Hospital of the Child Jesus. Advanced resuscitation maneuvers are carried out and, when [she] does not respond, [her] death is declared,” the Tucumán Ministry of Health said in a statement.

The 3-year-old child, Ámbar Suárez, received one dose of the Sinopharm, China’s COVID-19 vaccine.  The police and justice system will investigate the cause of her death and an autopsy will be performed.

“Considering the history of Covid vaccination, contact is initiated with relatives to gather the relevant information, evaluate other backgrounds, and proceed with the investigation of this unfortunate episode,” the official statement concluded.

2. On the crushing impact of Covid measures on children

3. Montreal Lawyer, Viva Frei, makes similar observations to our own about what we think is Trudeau’s double bluff on his contempt of Canadian’s basic human rights.

Remember, Trudeau passed, or attempted to pass, M-103, C-6, C10, and C-36, all of which in a deep and fundamental way, violate our most basic rights to freedom of speech and expression, and even right to instil values in your own children, or even prevent the state from sterlizing and mutilating your own children under the loose and phoney rubric of “trans-rights”. A dialectic tool of destruction with which to destroy actual rights.

4. So a Quebec filmmaker, who’s main claim to fame is a movie which I have been told, is a direct indictment of Fauci for his killing of so many people with AZT during the AIDS period, suddenly dies of coincidence after getting an injection of some kind. A trailer of his film is in this link.

I look forward to hearing from anyone who has seen his film. UPDATE: Super health conscious film director dies of heart attack.

Also Daily Mail.

5. Not 100% sure here but I think its a bunch of militant Hindus that for some reason or other, feel the need to set fire to an effigy of Santa Clause. Probably CBC or Global won’t cover this though.

(In fairness to them though, when Prince Trudeau went to India he pretty much set fire to Indian traditional costumes, dance, and sensibilities when he brought a known Sikh terrorist to India under his protection. I can see how that might tick them off a little.)

Thank you, M., Johnny U., EB., ET., Mad W., Maplewood, Sassy, Norwegian Troll, KAF., and many many more who I lost track of in a daze of meetings and zooms.

Time to revisit the Swine Flu vaxx scam:

Meanwhile, Sleepy Joe Biden explains to a group of governors that Covid has no federal solution. it will have to be solved on a state by state basis.

President Joe Biden on Monday pledged to support governors struggling with the omicron variant of Covid-19,  but acknowledged the states will need to take the lead in controlling the pandemic.

Speaking just before a meeting with some of the nation’s governors, Biden said: “There is no federal solution. This gets solved at a state level.”

Those comments represent one of the most explicit acknowledgements to date from the Biden administration that it will need help from state and local governments in its efforts to curb the spread of Covid-19.

The president may be concerned that federal initiatives to contain the virus can’t be effective without states’ help. The comments could also be an attempt to put added pressure on governors to take a greater role in trying to control the disease.

(Innit fun to read how the press swoops in like superman to help him out when he gaffs? They take what he says, and explain it for everyone so that it looks less crazy and self contradictory. Now THAT, is how you get a Pulitzer.)



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5 Replies to “Three year olds must be under a lot of stress these days, and revisiting Swine flu: Links 2, December 27th, 2021”

  1. A targeted precis of that movie further shows corruption of Fauci and the FDA.

    … get him AZT. As soon as he begins taking it, he finds his health deteriorating ….
    … AZT is “poisonous” and “kills every cell it comes into contact with” ….
    … cocktail of drugs and nutritional supplements centered on ddC and the protein peptide T, which are not yet approved in the US. Three months later, Woodroof finds his health much improved. ….
    …. begins to notice the negative effects of AZT, but is told by her supervisor, Dr. Sevard, that it cannot be discontinued. ….
    …… processes that the FDA uses to research, test and approve drugs are seen as flawed and a part of the problem for AIDS patients. ….
    …. FDA changes its regulations, making any unapproved drug illegal. ….
    …. AZT trials previously conducted in France had proven the drug ineffective. …..
    …. Peptide T gets increasingly difficult to acquire, …. …. he files a lawsuit against the FDA. ….. ….. confirmed as non-toxic but is still not approved. ….
    …. The judge is sympathetic toward him and admonishes the FDA, but lacks the power to do anything.
    As the film ends, on-screen text reveals that the FDA later allowed Woodroof to take peptide T for personal use and that he died of the disease’s effects in 1992, seven years later than his doctors initially predicted. …..

    Will have to find the time to take that movie in, so that background of previous FDA history locks in.
    May also be another angle to sow the seed of doubt on the drug companies and FDA

    • …… Dr. Fauci, the head of NIH, proudly announced that a trial has been going on for “two years” had “clearly shown” that early intervention will keep AIDS at bay. … ….. should start taking AZT at once, he said. ……
      That is approximately 650,000 people. 1.4 million Americans are assumed HIV antibody-positive, and eventually all of them may need to take AZT so they don’t get sick, Fauci contended. …..
      ….. The leading newspapers didn’t seem to think it unusual that there was no existing copy of the study, but rather a breezy two-page press release from the NIH.
      When SPIN called the NIH asking for a copy of the study, we were told that it was “still being written.” …..
      …… We asked a few questions about the numbers. According to the press release, 3,200 early ARC and asymptomatic patients were divided into two groups, one AZT and one placebo, and followed for two years. ….
      ….. HIV-positive are twice as likely to get AIDS if they don’t take AZT,” the press declared. ……
      …… However, the figures are vastly misleading.
      When we asked how many patients were actually enrolled for a full two years, the NIH said they did not know, but that the average time of participation was one year, not two. ……
      A good article unlike wikipedia, that shows the real cheating con men
      Prosecutions should have been undertaken decades ago?
      History repeats in the same line as the comment above with more details of the HIV AIDS AZT Fauci, with the “Dallas Buyers Club” movie.

  2. 5 Still better than setting fire to people, which happened in Pakistan a few weeks ago.
    More about that group:
    Facebook’s security team has tagged it along with right wing organisations Sanatan Sanstha and Sri Ram Sena, as a potentially dangerous organisation that supports violence against minorities across India.[..] Facebook has avoided acting against Bajrang Dal as it has ties with the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and because “cracking down on Bajrang Dal might endanger both the company’s business prospects and its staff in India”, The Wall Street Journal newspaper wrote, reaffirming its reportage earlier this year on the subject.
    Bajrang Dal was banned in 1992 by the Rao government following the demolition of the Babri Masjid, but the ban was revoked one year later.[25] Human Rights Watch (HRW) reported the involvement of Bajrang Dal during the 1998 attacks on Christians in southeastern Gujarat where dozens of Churches and Prayer halls were burnt down by Sangh Parivar outfits.[40] According to HRW, Bajrang Dal had been involved in riots against Muslims in Gujarat in 2002.[41] In April 2006, two Bajrang Dal activists were killed in Nanded in the process of bomb-making. The same group of activists was also suspected of perpetrating the 2003 Parbhani mosque blasts.[42] Those arrested told interrogators they wanted to avenge several blasts across the country.

  3. Following the links about the director in Canada, and nowhere in any article do I find anything about him getting any shot. Not that it’s not true, but there needs to be some proof.

    • I should have made that more clear. He had JUST spoken at a live in person conference in Quebec. The rules of that conference required everyone to be up to date with their injections.

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