Some Australians fight back and defend the most basic of freedoms: Links 1 for December 26, 2021

1. Yellow vests protest in Paris

2. Israeli PM leaves cabinet meeting cause Covid, from daughter, who is max vaxxed

Israelis seem pleased with the Covid measures and celebrate them outside the PM’s home with music and singing. Or that is how the press will report it. If they bother at all.

3. US Navy Warship Pauses Deployment After COVID-19 Outbreak Among ‘100 Percent Immunized’ Crew

(Like the word, ‘case’, ‘pandemic’, ‘herd immunity’, ‘vaccine’, and many many more, I guess the definition of immunized was changed also recently. Now it must mean politically pure but highly likely to get the disease for which the immunizing agent was named.)

A U.S. Navy warship has paused its deployment to South America due to a COVID-19 outbreak among its “100 percent immunized” crew, the Navy announced on Christmas Eve.

“USS Milwaukee (LCS 5), a Freedom variant littoral combat ship, remains in port as some Sailors test positive for COVID-19,” the U.S. 4th Fleet said in a statement.

“The crew is 100 percent immunized and all COVID-19 positive Sailors are isolated on board and away from other crew members. A portion of those infected have exhibited mild symptoms. The vaccine continues to demonstrate effectiveness against serious illness.”

4. Australia: Tyranny response team! Large number of free men form blockade to protect a coffee shop that serves the free minded.

5. Dropping on the field from heart issues isn’t just for men who have been injected with mRNA now. Generally, women are far less likely to experience cardiac issues than men before menopause. Then it’s equal. So this event is more meaningful even, than when young healthy men exhibit these symptoms, or even die on the field of play.

Thank you all who contributed to this site and the informing of others, particularily over the Christmas holiday. A testament to your dedication, but also to the seriousness of these issues at this stage. For example:

This guy has no idea. But the fellow below at a protest last summer in front of the Civic hospital seems to have one:

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