Ad hominem attacks on mRNA shot skeptics, NY abandons attempts to imprison without trial the same: Links 1, December 22, 2021

1. Fabian Society member and former Trotskyite, Tony Blair says anyone who doesn’t take an experimental mRNA shot is an idiot.

This airline president also calls people who don’t take the now fully established as, “Gene therapy” shot “Idiots”. After calling refusers of this experiment idiots, he goes on to claim that those who do not take the shot go around infecting those who do. Which calls into question both the definition of these shots as “vaccines”, since people who don’t take them can pass this disease on to those who do, and the definition of idiots, since most people who are not idiots know how vaccines work.

2. 30 years ago, another doctor and scientist accused Fauci of genocide. Much familiar material in the AZT study.

3. Omicron coverage reveals how the establishment, media keep us scared

In March 2020, a profile of the typical COVID victim emerged from Italy. The average decedent was 80 years old, with approximately three comorbidities, such as heart disease, obesity or diabetes. The young had little to worry about; the survival rate for the vast majority of the population was well over 99 percent.

That portrait never significantly changed. The early assessments of COVID out of Italy have remained valid through today. And so it will prove with the Omicron variant.

The data out of South Africa, after five weeks of Omicron spread, suggest that Omicron should be a cause for celebration, not fear. Its symptoms are mild to nonexistent in the majority of the infected, especially the vaccinated; hospitalization rates are over nine times lower than for previous COVID strains; deaths are negligible. That assessment will only be confirmed as the United States and other Western countries gather their own data on Omicron.

Yet the public health establishment and the media are working overtime to gin up Omicron hysteria. The official response to the Omicron variant provides a case study in the deliberate manufacture of fear. The following strategies are key:

4. BREAKING: New York Legislation set for vote on January 5th, 2022 provides for detention without trial of anyone the Governor declares to be a health risk.

It appears this bill was pulled. Probably because of growing awareness of what it actually was.

5. Once again, the FDA plays tricks with the American public, making it look like a new drug was approved, when in fact it was allowed under emergency measures. Measures which themselves should not exist, because the conditions justifying a state of emergency do not exist.

6. Israel ‘rolls out’ a FOURTH mRNA shot

(We expect to have a paper on this new drug shortly from a scientist who has worked for government health agencies.)

Thank you M., EB., Johnny U., Yucki, PC., Marianne W. and MANY more who contributed to this effort this week so far.

This is a sorta funny Freudian Slip among a lot of similar freudian slips lately…

It’s another context issue. Still though…


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6 Replies to “Ad hominem attacks on mRNA shot skeptics, NY abandons attempts to imprison without trial the same: Links 1, December 22, 2021”

  1. I’ve newly discovered that I’m into this Equity stuff!

    Out of a deep sense of fairness and equity, I want to make sure that any “vaccines” destined for me get redistributed to third-world Marxists. Ideally to be given to them whether they like them or not.

  2. – mRNA shot skeptic: I don’t want this happening to me. But it is happening as seen here in video –

    The story of a heavy metal band on stage. They were all double-jabbed for their tour. The 41-year old guitarist with the long hair, no history of drugs and top-notch health.

    “This happened back in September but did not get much media attention.

    “Judas Priest guitarist Richie Faulkner nearly died onstage after experiencing an aortic aneurysm during their Kentucky concert.”

    It starts at 2:06 but stay with it. You really see it developing at 2:50, below the neck.

  3. I’m looking for the URL for the Peter Duesberg video in which he is railing against AZT experiments and mentions Fauci and others in the pharmaceutical industry. (A search on Rumble failed to produce the video).

    I’d recommend that you furnish the URLs with the videos so that this important information can be distributed widely.

    • Yes I’ll try and remember to do that, but its extra minutes in a crowded day.

      I did download it from Rumble as I reflexively do now with any counter-narrative vids of value, and am uploading it to Bitchute now.

      If you go here in a few minutes from now, it should be the top video.

      There are also a lot of important videos on topic on this channel as well.

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