‘MERCK Covid drug might mutate healthy DNA: Links 2, December 16, 2021

1. NY Times Casually Admits New FDA-Approved Merck COVID Drug Might Actually Mutate Healthy Human DNA by Accident and Impact Male Fertility

In normal times, in a normal world, this news might make headlines.
But in 2020 during the Big Pharma bonanza pandemic, it’s stuffed at the bottom of the New York Times article.

The new Merck drug molnupiravir was approved two weeks ago by the Food and Drug Administration. The “expert” committee narrowly voted to recommend authorizing the drug.

2. Austria to introduce a general MANDATE for the mRNA injections. (DW is a voice of the COMINTERN)

3. Australian doctor who was raided by police, speaks out

(This is happening all over. Not just Oz. But across the West as well)

4. Another one down on the court

RAIR wrote up at least one elected representative in the Netherlands asking what is up with all these super fit athletes just dropping mid game.

5. Megan Kelly speaks with a Vaxx Vic inadvertently showing us all why trust in doctors is in a nosedive

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