More on the shots, what they do, why they lie about it: Links 1, December 15, 2021

1. RAIR Foundation: Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi: ‘Vaccine Benefit Zero’-‘Fears Massive Self-to-Self Attack of Immune System’

‘The [Covid-19] virus is less dangerous than the seasonal flu.”

The clinical trials used to justify vaccine authorization by Pfizer were revealed to be fraudulent. In other words, there is no evidence whatsoever that these gene-based vaccines protect against serious illness and death, explained Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi during the second symposium of Doctors for Covid Ethics.

It is known, explains Bhakdi, that “the virus kills fewer healthy individuals and children than other respiratory pathogens such as the flu, such as the pneumonia bacteria, and so forth.”

The doctor added that there is no real reason to approve these vaccines for emergency use. “Why then has this been need done?” he questioned.

(Post contains video of Dr. Bhakdi and a summary of what he explains.)

2. Let’s be clear about one thing: It is all for the greater good

3. Moderna, Amgen among biotech heavyweights pulling out of JPM conference over Covid concerns

(This is brought to our attention by Alex Berenson’s legendary substack. The essence of it is, that the people who make the “vaccine” for Covid, are canceling an appearance at a conference where everyone has taken it, because they are afraid of the disease everyone is vaccinated against, with their vaccine.)

Some of the biggest names in biotechnology, including Amgen, Moderna, and Sarepta Therapeutics, have pulled out of the upcoming J.P. Morgan Healthcare Conference in San Francisco due to safety and travel concerns related to the Covid-19 pandemic, according to people close to the companies. Additional biopharma companies are weighing whether to do the same.

4. Corona Ausschuss with Sharyl Attkisson: How policy is influenced by ‘Astroturfing’ or fake grass roots

(Once again I have to ask readers to consider watching the series, ‘Dopesick’. It adds a lot of validity to the above interview)

5. Stay tuned for Canada’s new travel restrictions. Now that everyone is vaxxed and lots are boosted, its time for more lockdowns. Trudeau had his little call with provincial Premieres last night and is set to announce the new measures, which we can all bet were written well in advance, sometime today.

Thank you M., Johnny U., MissPiggy, Hellequin GB., ET., EB., and all who contributed so far this week.

So Youtube deleted the Joe Rogan, Peter McCullough interview from last week for “violating community guidelines”

This puts the people who run Youtube on the list for the next round of Nuremberg trials I should hope. As this video offered solid advice for people with which they could save their lives both ways. What to do when needed, and what not to do that could threaten your health. Given the amount of healey feely BS health videos on Youtube, from spiritual healing to chiropractors, homeopathy and every and any kind of quackery, we know this is about one thing only.

Forcing a dangerous and unneeded gene therapy on everyone.

The full video can still be seen on Spotify, for now. But you have to have an account, which is free, and you cannot have a VPN on when you create the account.

Here are some segments from the interview:

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  1. ITEM 3: Updated today.

    ** Bowing to pressure, J.P. Morgan says its health care conference will be virtual **

    he J.P. Morgan Healthcare Conference, biotech’s biggest annual conference, will be virtual, the bank said Wednesday, bowing to pressure from big-name drug companies that balked at an in-person meeting amid escalating cases of Covid-19.

    “The health and safety of our clients and employees is of the utmost importance, and given the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, we have made this decision,” J.P. Morgan said in an email to registered attendees, obtained by STAT. “We were not only hopeful to meet in-person but also understand how much this conference means to the San Francisco community, which we fully support.”

  2. It must have been a frustrating interview for Joe Rogan. Joe Rogan asked the right questions but Dr. Peter McCullough would continually go off in a different direction as if he was having a job interview. I listened to approx. two-thirds of the interview but there were too many “I”s to continue.

  3. Thanks to you, Vlad, I wandered on over to Spotify and viewed this amazing interview — which you had highlighted earlier in the week — and watched it more than once!

    (But it was costly: my knitting project suffered — but no matter:-)).


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