More vaxx means more infections means less freedom: Links 3, December 14, 2021

1. Overwhelmingly Vaccinated Cornell University Shuts Down Campus as COVID-19 Cases Spike

Just a few days before the end of the semester, Cornell University is shutting down its campus and moving final exams online because of a recent surge in COVID-19 cases among its overwhelmingly vaccinated student population.

In a message released Tuesday, Cornell President Martha E. Pollack told the campus community that the university’s surveillance testing “has continued to identify the rapid spread of COVID-19” among students.

According to the Ivy League school’s website, 97 percent of the overall population on the Ithaca, New York campus has been fully vaccinated. That includes 100 percent of professional faculty, 93 percent of other employees, and 99 percent of undergraduate students. As of Dec. 12, there are 469 active student cases, including 214 newly confirmed positives.

2. Germany offers more freedom if you get the booster.

Only ever having fished once, i may be way off on this analogy. But it seems to me that to catch a big fish, once you have it on the hook you have to let slack on the line now and again to let it think it got away or can get away, then reel it in again and eventually when its exhausted, you can pull it into the boat and it will ask to be hit in the head with the oar. When Ontario Premiere Ford explained that the vaxx-pass would be temporary and then was going to drop it in January, anyone who still has a critical faculty knew that is not how it would play out. And it didn’t. Now in Ontario the Vaxx pass will continue indefinitely by request of the “science Table” headed by a Lenin look-alike, and the communist NDP and Liberal Party opposition, who clearly work with the Ford government. So anyone who believes this German health minister gets what they deserve. Which is an oar to the head.

3. Trudeau has a call scheduled tonight with the provincial premiers. Brian Lilley tweets:

4. The vaxxed must be really disappointed these days. Hopefully just disappointed and not ill.

5. British vote to put Vaxxpass INTO LAW

Predictably, in fact we did predict it, as the evidence mounts that the mRNA shots are not effective, not safe, and not even needed, the pressure to take it would go up. And it is. Each item in this post is about governments at one level or another increasing the pressure on the public to take these shots. But several posts over the day have shown very staid and orthodox sources showing they don’t work or worse. Yesterday also, with Berenson’s Israeli data that show natural immunity is far more effective.

This is only counter-intuitive if you allow yourself to believe that these shots are about health. But if they are about setting up an authoritarian state, which increasingly has to, and does, rely on force to preserve itself (as Goebbels predicted it would have to) then it all makes perfect sense. There are more and more actions by the state which were unthinkable a few years ago, but are now fairly common. They are accepted by some segments of the public who like authoritarianism, or cannot allow themselves to believe that the state would do these things if they weren’t necessary. Most of the public won’t be aware of it as the state controls the media and the narrative. And some of the public will hear of it but not believe it.

But all these events, monumental events, which include bogus opposition questioning and totally staged ‘journalism’ where policy makers are pushed to do exactly what they want to do rather than challenged on the need for the policies, all fit if you accept that this is about total state control. Vaxx passports, which will lead to digital currency, and a complete loss of individual rights and freedoms.

ADE will likely cause a spike in deaths this winter. Probably not monstrous, but a measurable spike. This will drive more pressure to get injected, lock down, destroy your culture, habits, traditions and certainly certainly incentives not traveling. In fact punishing people for traveling. Unless they are with government of course. But for the peasants, travel will result in unpleasant consequences. Vaxxed or not.

It does feel like this will be the second Christmas that will be negated in a row. How many Christmases do you need to cancel before its just not a thing anymore? Because that is what one might wonder if it is the true goal of this project.

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  1. I dropped this one in a previous post. Repeating again.
    Video of Ontario’s Covid 19 scientific advisor and the speed with how things are changing with Omicron:

    AND a little something unrelated, although related in another way, that went unnoticed this past week. So, what happens to people who don’t have an electric vehicle? Will they be fined, forced into some type of lockdown during heatwaves, or even have restrictions on the distance they can travel with their gas-powered vehicles?

    OTTAWA — Environment Minister Steven Guilbeault says he wants a national mandate that would force auto dealers to sell a certain number of electric vehicles to be in place by the end of next year.

    Road transportation accounts for one-fifth of Canada’s total greenhouse-gas emissions. As Canada charts a path to net zero by 2050, eliminating carbon dioxide from passenger cars is a big part of the process.

    The federal government wants half of all new passenger cars sold in Canada to be zero-emission vehicles by 2030, and reach 100 per cent by 2035.

    Canadians bought more electric vehicles in the last two years than the previous eight combined, but still only three per cent of new cars registered were battery-electric or plug-in hybrids.

    The Liberals promised during the election campaign to bring in a sales mandate to meet those goals. Guilbeault said he wants that to happen by the end of 2022, or early 2023 at the latest.

  2. I believe this: *Scientists Identify Young Vaccinated People as Source for Omicron Variant*

    – This is a little interesting. According to The Telegraph [Tweet Link], the ‘scientific data’ is showing that young vaccinated people are the source carriers for the latest Omicron variant. {Telegraph Article, Paywall}

    What makes this interesting is both the timing and sequence.

    The “Delta” variant surfaced and spread during the vaccination program for people over 40 years old.

    The “Omicron” variant surfaced and spread during the vaccination program for people under 40 years old.

    It’s almost as if… the vaccination and boosters are what creates the variant. –

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