Protests in Italy and France for December 11, 2021

As always please look for the vast bulk of this post in the comments. Since the public of the formerly free world must rapidly be approaching pitchforks and torches levels of outrage, these protests could be interesting. 

Today, even in Nanaimo BC, a group of protestors showed up at the legislature building and hung generic effigies of people with references to what happened to doctors and bureaucrats the last time the government violated people’s rights to this degree. Many references to the Nuremberg code were presented there.

Nanaimo BC December 10, 2021 Legislature building

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  1. ITALY -Mandatory pass to Italians for accessing transport

    Through to January 15, commuters need a basic health pass and diners in restaurants and bars need a “super” green health pass certifying that they are either vaccinated or have recently recovered from the virus.

    Smart phone applications that check people’s health pass status will be updated, and those who have merely tested negative in recent days will no longer be allowed into concerts, movies or performances.

    … many cities including Rome and Milan have ordered mask mandates even outdoors.

      • the scary thing now is that Draghi might end up President of the Italian Republic next month

        ... the election is on JAN 04 2022

        from wiki:

        [...]In accordance with the Italian Constitution, the election is held in the form of a secret ballot, with 321 Senators, 630 Deputies and 58 regional representatives entitled to vote.

        [...]The first three ballots require a two-thirds majority of the 1,009 voters to elect a President, or 673 votes. Starting from the fourth ballot, an absolute majority is required for candidates to be elected, or 505 votes. The presidential mandate lasts seven years.

        the list of the candidates is at the bottom of this wiki page :

        .... first discard all canditates that you never heard of before and then see who remains ...

        It would have been a lot more "democratic" to have general elections BEFORE choosing a new president ... for sure many of the 5S and PD incumbents would not have been reelected and then the center-right would have been a lot stronger ....

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