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    • during this period of general daze, we will also undertake to buy or eliminate, according to the needs of the moment, all business leaders, heads of major state agencies, and the Centres for Scientific Research, whose work and efficiency might give too much power to the Nation-States. It is imperative that the State does not become an independent force in itself, that might escape and endanger our ancestral “Plans”.

      We will also have an absolute control over all the supranational structures of Nations. These international Bodies should be under our exclusive jurisdiction.

      In the same sense, and to ensure the benefit of our influence with the people, we will control all the media information. Our banks will therefore finance only those we favour, while they oversee the closure of the most recalcitrant. This is expected to pass almost unnoticed by the people, who will be absorbed by their need to make more money, and by the entertainment.

      We must take care to complete, now, the phased dérégionalisation [sic,] of rural areas began at the start of the “Economic Crisis” of 1929. Overcrowd the cities, like during the “Industrial Revolution”. The landowners, with their economic independence, and their ability to produce the staple food of the States, are a threat to us, and our future plans. Piled up in cities they are more dependent on our industry to survive.

      We cannot allow the existence of independent groups from our “Power”. So eliminate landowners by making them slaves to obedient Industries under our control. In regard to the others, we will allow them to organize into Agricultural Cooperatives which our agents will infiltrate to help guide them towards our future priorities.

      Using the State, let us highlight the “Respect” due to the, mandatorially diverse, “Cultures”, and to the “People”, “Religion”, and “Ethnicities”, which are ways for us to put the concept of “Personal Freedom” before the concept of “National Unity”, which will allow us to better divide the populations of Nation States, and thus weaken their authority and their ability to manoeuvre. Taken to extreme limits, but within the international plan, this concept, in the future, will push the ethnic groups of different nations to come together to claim individually its own share of “Power”, which will complete the ruin of nations, and will burst into endless wars. http://15419450.weebly.talkiforum.com/20130616/a-leak-of-the-real-plan-of-the-globalist-elit-2673540/?fbclid=IwAR35AHNQ0jiM-AigyihIb3Mukfvrr9gaBd6KVLtAUZNkB7rjEWyq6nxSj9k

      • I appreciate the great contributions from the content on your site.
        Sometimes there is no link indicated to the platform in which the video appears. I like to save those links within the video platform. No big deal, since even if there is no link as mentioned, I bookmark your post of interest on your blog site (one of the best alternate media sites from Canada).

        • Thank you!

          When I remember, I try and post a link to the source. But you can always try this.

          Right click the page, and select “View Source”. Then look for any words like Embed, or Bitchute etc. and you can find the source platform and link that way.

          Of course if it’s Youtube you can just click the Youtube logo and it brings you right through to the originating page.

          I hope this helps.

          Lastly quite often, the source pages are one of 2 3Speak channels I maintain, or the Bitchute channel. You can search those also for a lot of material.


  1. You haven’t given a time frame for the alleged SEVEN boosters. Is that one every 6 months? Nor have you included vaccines that are not bad eg The Novavax vaccine candidate, NVX-CoV2373, is based on a technology already used in a few approved products. It contains a protein derived from moth cells, and its Matrix-M1 adjuvant is based on a saponin extracted from the Chilean soapbark tree (Quillaja saponaria). Hamid Merchant, professor of pharmacology at the University of Huddersfield, told The BMJ that a saponin was “the secret ingredient behind the success story of the world’s first malaria vaccine that recently met the WHO efficacy targets.” Crucially, the vaccine offers another option in addition to those based on novel technologies, such as Pfizer and Moderna’s products.

    • All vaccines are nothing more than Big Pharma’s billion dollars money making scam. Nothing more. No human being on the planet needs that crap stuck in them.

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