Vaxx mandates failing across the US, Austrian explains the real rules on the ground as proposed: Links 1, December 5, 2021

1. Covid breakthrough as Omicron found to have ‘less than 1% chance of reinfection’

THE OMICRON Covid variant has a less than one percent chance of re-infection and typically results in a “milder” disease, according to an expert.

This comes after Professor Mark Woolhouse from the Scientific Pandemic Influenza Group on Modelling (SPI-M) which advises the Government said it is “too late to make a material difference” to the course of the emerging variant because it is already well placed in the country. But other advisers have insisted that we need not panic either way because the variant is not as deadly as a recent swelling of fear might suggest.

(However as we all know, tyrants operate on the basis of ‘never let a good variant go to waste’. So we will see the loss of individual rights accelerate right on track despite the nothing-burger of Xi Omicron.)

2. QUEBEC City: the police entrance exam is considered discriminatory because it includes swimming tests, and this would put black applicants at a significant disadvantage. A Human Rights complaint was filed last spring by another black applicant.

Applicants must complete eight full swimming laps to pass the test. Volmar (photo) can barely complete three of them. He’s exhausted and can’t feel his legs. 

3. Alex Berenson reports that vaccine mandates are suspended at the Cleveland Clinic and across other NE Ohio hospitals. That its probably happening all over the country, and media is not reporting on it. The comments also show many people reporting on their own clinics etc. which have suspended the mandates.

In a separate post, a giant Florida hospital system ended its mandate.

(The very rare time I engage with someone who doesn’t follow this issue but just absorbs the government-pharma complex propaganda, they nearly always say, “Why have I not heard of any of this stuff? Why don’t I know about this?” Especially when I ask why they think athletes are dropping dead in the field in unprecedented numbers. And the answer must be that if we win this thing, we need to put a lot of media operators and journalists in the next round of Nuremberg trials. A lot of them.)

4. MEP answers Australia’s SOS

5. An Austrian explains what the proposed rules are for the great unvaxxed

Thank you Sassy, M., George I., Yucki, EB., Pastorius, Miha, ET., Johnny U., Xanthippa, Cees, John in Cheshire, rdawg, Kojo and all who contributed to the effort of our mutual understandings.

The following is a public post by Alex Berenson. It is free to share with all and we would like to retitle it, ‘How to talk to the reasonable yet vaxxed’.

Please click through and read it all, as it has some good graphs and so on, all of which you should avoid when talking to friends and relatives who will still talk to you.

Let’s say you wind up talking about the vaccine. (I know, what are the odds?)

And let’s say the folks you’re talking to are not crazy vaccine fanatics who think the only problem with Australia’s interment camps is that they don’t go far enough. They’re reasonable people. Maybe they’ve even been vaccinated and are not sure about boosters, or what to do about their kids.

They’ve heard nearly all Covid deaths in Britain are in vaccinated people. But they’ve also heard about the Centers for Disease Control report that the unvaccinated are at much higher risk. They’ve heard about the new variant too, of course.

So many numbers. So much science! And despite the last 20 months, they still believe the public health authorities wouldn’t exaggerate the threat of Covid or manipulate data to scare them.

They are legitimately confused. And you have about five minutes before halftime is over to help them understand the truth.

What do you do?

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  1. #5 I believe Alexander Tschueggel was the fellow who removed the Pachamama idols from St. Peter’s Basilica and sent them for a swim in the Tiber. A principled fellow with a backbone!

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