In a communist state, police resources go far more to thought crimes than actual crimes

I have gotten back to listening to the audio books of the Gulag Archipelago. I must say its getting easier and easier to understand as we progress in Canada to communism. Today, I was listening to more seemingly endless stories of what it was like on the trains to the gulags and the various holding stations on the way. One of the themes throughout this part of chapter 2, was how the law and government treated thieves Vs. political prisoners. Thieves basically had the run of everywhere. They could even have weapons.

Thieves were not really considered a problem.


Meanwhile, in Ontario:

Thank you M and all watching Oz.

Meanwhile, an excerpt from some SciFi show from early this century:



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  1. zero hedge – Aussie Police Arrest Teen ‘Fugitives’ Who Escaped From COVID Internment Camp

    Three teenagers who escaped a Northern Australian Covid internment camp were arrested by police, who say they don’t believe they came into contact with members of the nearby community and “the health risk to the community was very low,” adding “But there is absolutely no excuse for the actions of these three this morning.”

    According to the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC), the three teens from the Binjari community near Katherine, aged 15, 16 and 17, tested negative for the virus yesterday.
    They had been confined to quarantine for being ‘close contacts of positive cases,’ only to scale a fence and escape at 4:30 am Wednesday morning.

    NT Police Commissioner Jamie Chalker said officers found the trio on the edge of Palmerston and arrested them after a chase on foot.

    He said the young people are still being interviewed but “early indications” were they had not had any contact with members of the public.

    The facility is housing people affected by the Katherine region COVID-19 outbreak as well as returned travellers from repatriation flights, including a man who tested positive for the Omicron variant on Monday.

    Each of the teens faces a fine of up to $5,024. According to Chalker, they will beef up CCTV coverage at the facility, and that they would discuss making more contact with lonely residents whose isolation ‘may have been a trigger’ for the escape.

    “I also want to point to the overwhelming compliance that we’ve had, given several hundred people have been placed into the Centre of National Resilience linked to the clusters from Robinson River, Katherine, Binjari and Rockhole,” he said.

    Their escape set off a police manhunt, which included highway checkpoints.

  2. I don’t watch any brown stream media, and the utopia story had been done to death by the X-files in the nineties, but chilling stuff.
    The plan has been telegraphed for decades.
    Now, the nightmare is here, and it is as I’ve been writing about, what the X-files guys were writing, and what the Rockefeller Foundation gamed out in 2010.
    YOU WILL DEMAND A POLICE STATE to keep you ‘safe’.

    Download and read. Page 18, lockstep.
    Sound familiar? Note please that the thinktank gamed out running this until 2028, at minimum.

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