TWO kinds of naked protests in Spain and much more: Links 1, November 23, 2021

1. Spain: Masks only protest against Covid measures. (No facial nudity)

Meanwhile, in another part of Spain, a man yelling “Allah” while running naked through the streets, stabs himself in an act of what appears to be auto-jihad, or ‘ji’habation’

2. So, another wild conspiracy theory actually a factual account of what takes place soon after.

Zero Hedge writes it up here.

3. So, for the first time in a while, there are suddenly flu cases. I guess they have a lot of flu vaccines with too many expired date stamps on them.

In case you think I am making a baseless snark, remember when Canada just arbitrarily extended the expiry date of the Covid vaxx? It’s one of the many many lies people have forgotten about the entire mess from the start.

4. Florida Governor Pushes For $1 Billion Cut in State Gas and Fuel Taxes

(Remember what it was like to have a leader who actually represented the interests of his people?)

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis announced Nov. 22 that he will ask state lawmakers to cut gas and fuel taxes by $1 billion in the upcoming January session of the legislature.

DeSantis said that “nothing has pinched people more than these gas prices.” In addition to relief for Floridians via the tax cut, he called on fuel stations to reduce prices by 25 cents per gallon.

DeSantis said he is concerned that an increase in salaries and wages will not be enough to cover the rising costs of goods.

“Even if you start making more money, if the prices [for goods and fuel] are going up faster than your wages or salary, you’re actually losing money in this inflationary economy,” the governor said.

The governor added that he is pushing back on the Biden administration’s “inflationary pressures.”

5. Computing Forever: A look at mandatory vaxx and jailing 3,000,000 Austrians: “This is what compliance with ‘just 2 weeks to flatten the curve’ gets you”.

Thank you all who contributed to this and all posts this past week.

Safe ‘vaccines’ don’t require:


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5 Replies to “TWO kinds of naked protests in Spain and much more: Links 1, November 23, 2021”

  1. #2 That guy stabbing himself was clearly suffering a psychotic episode. This seems to happen to that demographic a lot.
    I’ve witnessed it several times. One guy was running around a commercial area barefoot in his pyama’s, straight out of bed. Threatening passersby, completely dead eyes too, it’s a scary to see.
    I suspect it’s often due to drug use, maybe also due to the stress of being in an alien environment.

    • And marrying your cousin. Imams will tell you women are deficient of mind, so much for their mother’s, grandmothers, great grandmothers. — 1400 years……and this is what Schwab, Soros and all the other elites want to replace the population with.

  2. Australia is not only reverting to a prison colony – it’ s also become one vast sheep farm, but the sheep are bipeds.

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