Covid measures misinformation, and Kyle Rittenhouse actual information: Links 1, November 20, 2021

1. Remember, the misinformation is on record, and it’s ALL FROM THEM

2. The holy narrative gets holes.

3. JK Rowling Excluded from ‘Harry Potter Reunion’ Show on HBO, Fans Express Solidarity

The recent announcement about a special show called ‘Harry Potter 20th Anniversary: Return To Hogwarts’ by HBO has got all Potterheads excited. In this special episode, the cast and crew of the movies based on Harry Potter novels will come together to celebrate the 20th anniversary of first film in the series. However, the name of the author of the books, JK Rowling, figured nowhere among the show participants. This soon let speculation run rife on social media that Rowling was not included due to certain ‘transphobic’ comments she made a few months ago. She was criticised for her views on the transgender community and was called a ‘trans-exclusionary radical feminist’ (TERF). The comments created a furore and even the stars of the series, Daniel Radcliffe and Emma Watson, distanced themselves from the creator of the franchise.

(To put this in less obtuse-Newspeak: The creator of Harry Potter, someone who was always way too far left for this site, has been ‘cancelled’ because she dared say that women are women, and men cannot be women simply by declaring they are, and therefore putting men into women’s sports was harmful to, you know, women. And for this she was crushed and the socialists appear to have now stolen her life’s work.)

4. Kyle Rittenhouse’ lawyer:

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9 Replies to “Covid measures misinformation, and Kyle Rittenhouse actual information: Links 1, November 20, 2021”

  1. Kyle ?
    In his defense ?
    He went up against
    A hoard of Marxist thugs?

    They looted and hooted?
    Burned and colluded ?
    destroying the? working mans pride?
    These heroes of theft
    These villains that left ? 
    A city chard and afraid?

    Of cops they’re were none
    They sat on their thumbs?
    While a child walked into the fray
    The sheriff in basement ? 
    Cowardly complacent 
    Hid from his duty that day?

    The lies were terrific?
    The slander specific
    Media corruption displayed
    The court of opinion
    In it’s dominion?
    Left not a stone unturned
    In search of his guilt ?
    False rumor was built?
    No crime of his could they find

    Our hero this day?
    On Twelve jurors say?
    – Acquitted –

    The facts show just cause
    Persecution by Prosecution?
    Courted disillusion
    lost because truth was displayed
    Three cheers for our hero 
    Prosecution gets zero
    Defense of the righteous
    Gets praise ?    

    By LL Richardson Jr.

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