Why fictions can sometimes bring people closer to their own truths and realities

In a conversation recently with a long time friend, we swapped war stories about how we managed to break the spell of what we viewed as an abusive partner at the time. What the stories had in common, was that in both cases we could not admit to ourselves what the evidence of our own eyes was telling us. We both simply could not believe these people for whom we felt a deep connection and had strong feelings for, would knowingly do the things we observed.

So what both of us did, we found out when trading stories, was create an artificial situation where the person in question would have the opportunity to take advantage of us in teh way we suspected they had been, but because it was fictions or scenarios we had each created, it didn’t carry any emotional weight, and the spell was broken the second each partner acted on the scenario in the way we thought they might. That is to say, in what would be abusive as all get-out if it had been a real situation.

Without going in to personal specifics, lets say that you had a close person in your life that always took advantage of you in a way you couldn’t let yourself believe, so you created a trap of sorts with the same sort of bait, but it had no emotional impact on you if they took it. When they do take the bait, it’s as clear to you what the partner’s motives are as it is to your friends who bravely try and warn you, or wish they had the courage to do so, from their own perspectives.

This is why I am so feverishly asking people to source the Hulu series, Dopesick and watch it. You must however, get past the first 20 minutes of compulsory anti-white, anti-rural, homosexual-as-victim propaganda which now must be front and centre in any series. But once you get past all the race and sexuality victim politics, a story plays out which can break the Pfizer-CDC spell on many many people for the same reason.

When they see a dramatic reenactment of an actual story about how a previous big-Pharma Co managed to con medical agencies, doctors by the thousands, the FDA and all the usual suspects in order to peddle essentially heroin as meds for moderate pain, and when you see the cons and special terms and syndromes they made up out of whole cloth to explain away reports that surfaced showing everything they said was a lie, (when people discovered that their pain returned way before the 12 hours promised, the company invented the term, “Breakthrough Pain”, a very “rare” case where an individual might not react as expected and the solution was MORE OPIOIDS) you might just wake up out of the stupor we are all in to one degree or another because we can see it happened before, we can see how these rhetorical tricks were created and field tested on Americans before, and they no longer have the impact they did when you thought they might be telling the truth.

So if you have Hulu, consider watching the series Dopesick. Just at the moment, it feels like it could be the alarm clock we have been waiting for, to wake up the people who are locking themselves up inside their homes, avoiding friends and family, getting boosters of the same drug that didn’t work before but may actually harm them, and still wearing masks even when no one tells them they have to.

99.6% effective

“It’s easier to fool someone than convince them they’ve been fooled” -Mark Twain

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4 Replies to “Why fictions can sometimes bring people closer to their own truths and realities”

  1. I will watch that on your recommendation this evening. The reason I am so ready to do so is because I have believed and argued the case – fiction can be demonstrate truth better that documents – to my friends and family who, while being intelligent and interested, generally shy away from fiction to focus on non-fiction. The keynote speaker at a dinner my friend and I attended, Fr. Fessio, elaborated on that very subject, much to Kathy’s chagrin and my pleasure.

    Imagine if 50% of the adult population of the world had read “Demons” by Dostoevsky. There is no way we would be in the mess we are today…

    • One imagines that historically, the only one who could speak truth to a King as the court jester. And if I understand this right, the definition of the literary form called ‘A novel’, is to speak truths about a society using a narrative.

      I think it is easier to understand the fabric of events around you when you have no actual stake in the situation.

      I hope you enjoy it as much as I have been. I’ve watched 5 out of 6 episodes so far.

  2. There was a documentary on this issue which I watched
    It was on Netflix I think
    It dealt with the truth behind the corporate psychopaths at Perdue
    And the rest of the big pharma uncharged criminals

  3. And why when over the years and I’ve had serious surgery
    I’ve always refused the pain killers and pulled out the needles
    Just requesting Tylenol sometimes extra strength

    I’ve personally known a few ol buddies now Dead that were addicted to Oxy ….
    Athletes due to their extreme injuries and pain have been targets of the lies and misinformation
    Very sad and debilitating addictions
    Once had to lie to nurses staff that I had allergies to Demerol and morphine

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