Pfizer failed to report SIX DEATHS in its pivotal study: Links 2 for November 16, 2021

1. So, anyone who still thinks this is about a disease, virus or public health may want to explain this:

2. By now, most people, certainly most who read this site, know that Pfizer has added a heart medication to the vaxx for kids. This should give pause as well for a few reasons listed here.

3. German communists tart agitating for Poland to open the borders to the invading imported agitators for Putin.

(I say in support of Putin as there are signs this entire thing is another, yes ANOTHER Russian move to get various other nations to allow them to have a pipeline that would give them, shall we say, an undue amount of influence in the Baltic states. Please see Gates of Vienna for that.)

4. From Alex Berenson’s Substack: URGENT: Pfizer failed to report six deaths of Covid vaccine recipients when it updated its clinical trial results in July

I am reupping this piece and making it available for everyone in the widest and simplest form because it is too important to miss.

The one-paragraph summary: Pfizer told the world 15 recipients of Comirnaty had died in its pivotal trial. The real number was 21 – compared to only 17 people who didn’t get the shot.

More here

5. 14 children got DOUBLE the dose of the vaxx in Antioch

Thank you M., Amy, Virginia, C., KAF., EB., Green Infidel, PC., Johnny U. and many readers, contributors, translators and researchers who contribute to this effort every single day. 

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3 Replies to “Pfizer failed to report SIX DEATHS in its pivotal study: Links 2 for November 16, 2021”

  1. 5- How many first doses given to kids will be placebo? 50-80% will reduce initial adverse reaction count, thereby pacifying parental worries. Too much is on the line to leave success of this roll-out to chance. Second shots will contain much more active doses and adverse reactions will shoot up. These will be blamed on Covid-19. This would be the smart way to market it as we see it has worked well in the adult pop.

    Or, the pharmas are by now so confident in playing us that they will give more real doses off the bat, because the Covid blame game is working so well thus far.

    Without having isolated the original virus, how can verification of what people are falling ill with exist? And by extension, how will adverse vaxx reactions not be included in C-19 “case counts” by propagandists? After all, it’s a very similar spike protein pathogen doing the damage.

    There is no other way to interpret the massive surge in C-19 “cases”, right now, in the most highly-vaxxed jurisdictions. Given that the Delta mutation is necessarily weaker, if it even exists, and given that the vaxxed populations are supposed to have enhanced immune systems, these mysterious “break throughs”–from the pro-vaxx position–cannot possibly be anything other than adverse reactions presented as Covid cases.

  2. Mandates, mandates, mandates, masks, masks, masks, useful idiots abound. I am going to order a life alert bracelet, so IF I get a life, I will be notified immediately.

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