Authoritarian and totalitarian measures, mostly using the vaccine, increase: Links 1 on November 12, 2021

1. Are you thinking about home schooling? Maybe this will help you decide

2. Calgary Alberta: Maskless vet arrested at Remembrance day ceremony. Yes, vet, arrested at day for honouring vets, because he wasn’t wearing his government muzzle.


3. For some, the message here is don’t take an experimental gene therapy if you are not at serious risk from Covid. But for many more, the message will be if and when you get serious injury from those same experimental gene therapies, shut the hell up about it or you will be additionally injured by supporters of the world’s largest drug cartels.

4. Father reads text from healthy son now in hospital from forced mRNA shot

5. This is fun. WHO Chief, in conversation with Brazilian president, Jair Bolsonaro, explains that he is against vaccine passports because the countries he likes have low access to vaccines, so it would be discrimination to implement vaccine passports. This means defacto, that the virus cannot be serious if concerns like that override any medical consideration. Would they allow people from Ebola stricken areas during an epidemic to travel because it would be discrimination not to?

Thank you all who contributed to this post, and to all the work so far this week.

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  1. Yesterday, I received a contact from a local restaurant manager that they miss me! As I refuse to take the Clot Shot or divulge any personal health information….they will continue to miss me……I served in the Canadian Armed Forces for 41 years…and was Honourably Released. Welcome to freedom! Canadian style!

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