Its time for all good people to reconsider their positions: Links 1, November 10, 2021

Before this list of atrocities and uncovering of frauds and deceptions, a few words to doctors, nurses, medical staff and health industry insiders, especially with drug companies, or anyone with real knowledge of the current crop of mRNA and DNA injection liquids, mislabeled as ‘vaccines’.

A word about game theory:

One of the central tenets of Game Theory, an exceptionally useful behavioural modelling system, and the only one which deals with conflict, is the concept of perceived risk benefit over real risk benefit. This might explain why someone invests in anything from endless repairs of an old car, to a lot of effort put into a destructive relationship. They are acting on how they perceive the cost benefit as opposed to how an outsider might see it, or an objective and measurable cost benefit.

So those of you that are inside the medical industry and not speaking up may want to consider this.

More and more top level experts are now coming out and revealing the fraud perpetrated by the companies that make these products. As we saw in the Ron Johnson testimonies,  even doctors who were part of the pre-rollout drug trial for Pfizer, discovered there was no way to report a serious adverse reaction. The app pretty much only allowed for reporting of an itchy arm and a fever. But Bell’s Palsy or anything of that magnitude could not be reported. It would not be unreasonable to think that Pfizer knew in advance about these effects and designed the study to hide them.

Celebrities are coming out with their own stories, and many athletes are dying from the shots. And, as Goebbels demanded, more and more effort is being used to suppress the truth.

At some point, the music will stop, and those without a chair may find themselves facing a new round of Nuremberg trials. So let me help you with the cost benefit analysis.

If you have knowledge about the ‘vaccines’ which people should know before they take the shot or the booster, you should go public right now. Because people are waking up and the music is slowing down. And however it may look on the inside, the rest of us are starting to notice the damage these things are doing, and the lies coming from the industry and the government. So I suggest that your cost of staying quiet is higher than you think, and the cost of coming forward is much lower. You might, as you likely percieve, face some backlash for speaking out, and maybe even fired in the short term. But as what we know to be true starts to become the new orthodoxy, you may find yourself in a very good position, and certainly a better one than people bleating that they “were just following orders”.

Law suits are being filed and more being discussed. And then there is the matter of public trust. Thousands of medical professionals made the sacrifice to honour the truth and protect the public from the consequences of these products. But when the music stops, they will have the public trust and will be witnesses for the Crown. So at this point, with even Google’s propaganda organ, Youtube, starting to be slower to get rid of ‘vaccine hesitancy inducing’ videos, you may want to do the math on speaking out again.

And now, we return you to your previously scheduled list of atrocities.

1. About that British Medical Journal bust of Pfizer

2. FDA admits more hospitalizations of children with myocarditis but inject them anyway

3. Senior NIH doctors TOLD Fauci this was all a very bad idea at the start

4. When Ice Cream and donuts aren’t enough: Austrian brothel offers free sex to 14 year old boys and recalcitrant migrants if they take the shot. (Yes. You did just read that.)

[…] An Austrian brothel has devised an ingenious way to incentivize people to get the coronavirus vaccine — by offering promised patrons a free fling with a prostitute of their choosing if they get immunized at the bordello. […]

“Many men, very many men with a migration background, virtually refuse vaccination or don’t even know that you can be vaccinated,” lamented Fun Palast manager Peter Laskaris. “And since we are actually reaching this target group, we decided to set up a vaccination street here.”

And the cathouse’s inoculation station isn’t just open to lecherous adult men.

Boys as young as 14 are reportedly allowed access to the clinic, provided they have an adult with them, while women are also being encouraged to head to the Fun Palast for a coronavirus shot.

(Increasingly, it becomes difficult to understand why Harvey Weinstein is in prison, and not running this whole sh*tshow)

5. Police raid the offices of a doctor’s surgery in Melbourne. According to the person shooting the video, the doctor has a solid reputation for over 30 years.

Try and wrap your head around this. POLICE, raid a DOCTORS OFFICE, and TAKE PATIENT FILES.

Stop carrying your phones, and give no information to anyone whenever possible.

This seems the right time to repost a small segment of a Doctor’s letter to all his patients when he decided it was more in his patient’s interests to leave medicine than to continue to practice under the new corporate orders of Ontario. He sent the letter to all his patients on the day he closed his practice.

“The enormity of what is happening”. Yes just so.

Thank you M., Tama, EB., Johnny U., Malevolent Pixie, Yucki, Hellequin GB., Miss Piggy and all who made any effort to try and return civilization to the tracks it clearly left some time ago.

One might think a cardiologist would know better.


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