Tucker Carlson opener for November 9, 2021

This focuses on the Kafkaesque trial of Kyle Rittenhouse. What is interesting is that all the testimony, especially the prosecution, points to self defence. I am certain the account we hear from the trial is accurate from the videos I watched when all this took place. So its odd in that it isn’t odd. Its actually exactly what it should be, including what appears to be evidence of a cover up by the prosecution where police were ordered at the time, NOT to look at the cell phones of one of those shot, clearly because it would have exonerated Kyle on the spot and no trial at all.

Which makes me suspect they will find him guilty anyway. And they will convict him in order to create more hatred and division, and finally incite the normal classical Americans to acts that would justify what the Biden admin really want to do.

I really want to be wrong on this one. In fact I write this prediction the same way I make an investment. Because typically its a way of guaranteeing it goes the other way.

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  1. I fear for the young man too. IMO people are being too flippant about the outcome.

    I think he may well get railroaded for not being a good self hating white man/teenager. Just remember that anyone apposing BLM and ANTIFA is considered a domestic terrorist by the FBI, DOJ…. these days. This is a political show trial much like the Derek Chauvin trial was. Mr Chauvin was sacrificed to the Gods of Woke like Jesus, who was deemed more evil by the mob then Barabbas.

    Last I heard Chauvin was languishing in jail in fear of his life and has had to represent himself in court because no one will represent him and he has no money.

    The communists who have usurped their way into the Judiciary and Executive branches of Government under no circumstances want white men defending themselves and their property, because that way our life and property become theirs to take.

  2. This is all working out wonderfully for the Left. The more obvious Rittenhouse’s innocence becomes, the more effective their wicked message becomes.
    This message: No matter how good your intentions or how innocent you may be, If you dare to resist our Brown-Shirts, YOU WILL PAY and especially so if you have a firearm!
    What are the chances now that Kyle will intervene in any future riots?
    I guess the only better outcome for the Left at this point would be Rittenhouse being found guilty or a juror getting smoked after an innocent verdict.

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