Some good news speckled in here: Links 4, November 8, 2021

1. At least 4000 people rally in Las Angeles against the Vaccine passport and mandates

(Amazing what can happen when Newsom is away)

2. Remember the young man that tried to help a city defend itself from communist riots, arson and looting and got charged with murder when he was attacked by ANTIFA thug?

3. “It Was Demonic” – AstroWorld Concert-Goers Claim Show That Killed 8 People Was Like a Satanic Ritual

The “Astroworld” concert, where 8 people died and over 300 other concert-goers were injured during rapper Travis Scott’s performance, was like a  satanic ritual, attendees of the concert claim.

Scott watched his fans fall to the ground as paramedics tried to resuscitate them during his performance on Friday.  But the show did not stop.

There is another video below this one at the source link which is quite interesting. A young man’s testimony of what the concert was like. It is worth seeing. Here are a couple i found:

(So what happened there exactly?)

4. About that diary. Now that we know its real, let’s hope there is a copy with Hunter’s laptop hard drive.

5. So Newsom cancelled his trip to the climate confest because he just dicovered he has young children at home. I guess he couldn’t make the scheduled Zoom meetings because his cat got on the keyboard.

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