List of links to Senate Hearings on Vaxx damage and cheated trials from November 1st 2021

In conversations with people about this and related subjects, I find myself referring back to these videos. They are a powerful set of evidences and testimonies to the corruption within the whole testing process, and consequent danger of the mRNA injections which were not just released, but forced on to a frightened public. Frightened by a media, owned in part by the same drug companies that make the gene therapy injections.

There are one or two testimonies I did not upload as a separate video, as while important, were not as solidly presented as the rest. But those exist in the original file which was on Youtube on November second for a short while and then moved to Rumble here.

1. Cody Flint, Pilot who took damage from the mRNA shot and no longer can fly, and had difficulty in flight.

2. Dr. Lt. Col. Theresa Long on how the mRNA injections are destroying the US military

3. Texas Father speaks on loss of his son to vaxx at Johnson Senate hearings Nov. 2, 2021

4. Farm manager permanently paralyzed after the mRNA ‘vaccine’

5. Dr. Robert Kaplan on issues with the Vaxx mandates at the Ron Johnson senate hearings

6. Nurse in Adelaide truth-bombs enemy propaganda MSM

7. Young mother crippled by vaxx speaks at Senate hearings on Vaxx mandates Nov 2 21

8. Dr. Peter Doshi: “mRNA devices do not fit the definition of a vaccine”

9. Dr. David Healey on Pfizer and other corporate narratives made to pave under truths about drugs

10. Dr. Linda Wastila on vaccine safety in general, and in the case of the mRNA shots

11. MIT Scientist, Dr. Levi deconstructs the efficacy narrative on mRNA vaccines

12. Senate hearings on Vaxx: 12 YO victim of Pfizer trials crippled yet ignored in Pfizer data

13. Senate hearings on Vaxx damage: Excellent first hand account of how Pfizer cheated its study

Follow up: FACEBOOK cancels vaxx victims support group

14. Orthopaedic Surgeon has adverse reaction, tries to report it

15. Nurse Practitioner testimony on his vaxx damage and how the establishment avoided any tests

16. Lawyer explains Pfizer etc avoid any kind of responsibility for damage they do with vaxx

17. Johnson Senate hearings: Drug safety advocate

18. President of Royal College of Physicians UK and Sen. Ron Johnson’s closing remarks

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