Father in Texas speaks to the loss of his son from the ‘vaccine’

More testimony from today’s Senate Hearings held by Sen. Ron Johnson

This seems like a good place to put this UK stat on deaths of young males recently.

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7 Replies to “Father in Texas speaks to the loss of his son from the ‘vaccine’”

  1. I don’t feel pity fir that father
    Why did he vaccinate his son?
    In April no one even talked about vaccines in children
    The only explanation is he is a brainwashed democrat
    His son payed for his Biden love and his stupidity

    • Most of my friends have taken the mystery shot. They are Trump supporters. The Father stated that he trusted the physicians. Why wouldn’t he? It was blasted 24/7 on TV.
      Gates must have removed the Empathy chip from these power brokers. Peace.

        • Me too EB, the Liberals in my family all got the injection, they believe every word Justine Trudeau, CBC, CTV, Global news, the Globe and Mail, the Toronto Star spews 24/7. I am so sorry this sweet, caring man lost the love of his life.

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