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65 Replies to “Global protests other than France for October 30, 2021”

  1. Watch while you can. Enjoy! the sense of change !
    You probably can here enjoy the use of other words and 🙂 emojis, haha…

    Former Victorian Police Senior Constable, Craig Backman, Speaks At Melbourne’s Freedom Protest
    7 mins 04 secs : Oct 30, 2021

    A massive call out on the Police of loyalty to the pay-cheque, to loyalty to private army to a mad man subtitled “done your engines” = Premier Dan Andrews.. ha ha…

    Craig Backburn had resigned just over 2 weeks ago and had put out some interviews about the madness.

    I figure Utube is “shadow banning” this as views are low, comments are low, and so close to what got shut down early in January in the USA.
    Nor is it in the Australian news, and can not simply go0*** it up.

    It is rousing stuff, as if that can turn a substantial part, of no more enforcing of those Dannical decrees, then Victoria is on the last “”blue” “key” to “turn”, before the home straight.
    I still do not count the chickens yet, as one part of the population is paralyzed by fears, and change will not come easy for them.

    Please can this be copied up to rumble, bitchute, unbanned, etc..
    This does not seem to be in any news in Australia or New Zealand!

    Thank-you “Vlad Tepes” and all the many other commentators on this site.

    • Happy to do it! But can you find a version that is easier to hear and not edited? This seems to have a chunk missing, and I have a very hard time making out what is being said.

      If no better copy is out there from another camera, I could subtitle it, but that takes some time.

      • Filmed from another angle,
        2 mins 05 secs..

        The first clip does do the Utube subtitling where I got “Done your Engines” for Dan Andrews.

        At this stage I did not find the original or find another, though I think it has really gone viral, as jumping to 65,000 views to over 85,000 views, and from 6,000 likes, to over 8,000 likes.

        Comments are slower, but like another couple of 100 increase to over to over 1600.

        I think that somehow gO0gle Utube had been holding back delaying what was commented, and even the view numbers were low, etc… which concerned me then as I tried tracking down original and other websites to no avail.
        It has legs now,
        I think that others will be doing the work of spreading it.

        I will see how I go with making a transcript, if that helps, but it will be quite a while before I get back to you…. as rain has stopped and the sun is out,,, 🙂 and other things to do.

        Written a couple of weeks ago:-
        Australian Police Officer Calls Out Government & Media Lies About Covid-19!
        Why Are Australia’s Leaders Lying To Their Citizens? ….
        …. Senior Constable Craig Backman’s post – I took the liberty of spacing it out, to make it easier to read, and also emphasized some parts. The capitalization of some words is how it appears in Craig’s post. And I included the full links to the research provided by him in the footnotes below:- ….

        So one can that he has done knows the situation about the vaccines etc., and much more.

        Just found and there is a transcript here. 🙂
        Hope that helps…

        Thanks Eeyore

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