EU had plans drawn up to deal with “vaccine hesitancy” and other contemporary issues in 2018: Links 2, October 29, 2021

1. Public Health England vaxx surveillance report now so embarrassing that they stopped making graphs with the data, and make up excuses for the fact of the higher incidence of the vaccinated being in hospital which actually make the opposite case. Namely that, they suggest, those who took the vaccine may be more health conscious than those who didn’t. But then, why wouldn’t those who were have better outcomes? Its a bad look on British medical authorities.

2. When a no-vote, for all the right reasons, somehow becomes an abstention. Probably at the cost of the lives of a lot of children.

FDA Adviser Explains Why He Abstained From Vote on Pfizer’s COVID-19 Vaccine for Young Children

The only Food and Drug Administration vaccine advisory panel member to abstain from a major vote this week that essentially authorized Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine for children as young as 5 said he did so because of limited safety and efficacy data.

All 17 others voted to advise the administration, or the FDA, to authorize the jab for children between the ages of 5 and 11. The agency already supported doing so and is expected to formalize the authorization soon. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention would then decide which children should get the shot.

The vote was preceded by nearly eight hours of discussions and presentations, with multiple members expressing concern about the scant data on how the vaccine will affect the age group.

But Dr. Michael Kurilla, an expert on infectious diseases and pathology who directs a division inside the National Institutes of Health, was the only one who didn’t support the recommendation.

(Back in the day of reason and logic, a thing was called safe after it had been investigated and people reasonably expected it was safe. So calling a thing safe about which you had no data, was not something that ever happened. In fact the definition of not known to be safe, was the not known part. So this man knows his vote should have been NO. I didn’t watch the debate on this one, but I did see a lot of the debate on the boosters. And that should not have passed CDC by a wide wide margin)

3. A spectacular example of why “multiculturalism’ is an oxymoron. Below, are some videos of the remnants of people being burned for being a witch. One might safely assume they were alive when the match was lit. Speculation is it was a land grab with witchcraft as the excuse. But nonetheless it was the excuse.

(The video below appears to be more about women’s rights in the name of Islamic sharia. Although that seems to be hidden a bit in the video. But in the African narration you hear the words, “Sharia” and “Fatwa” clearly.

(Parts of the next one are graphic and very harsh. But hey its part of this fine African culture. Cause all cultures are the same and equally good and to say otherwise is racist except trashing Western culture is OK. Do I have that about right?)

4. Thousands of Australians with unpaid fines for breaking Covid rules have their homes seized, bank accounts raided and licences cancelled as government chases $5.2million

Queenslanders who received fines for breaking Covid-19 rules risk having their homes seized and bank accounts frozen in a government crackdown to collect $5.2 million in repayments. 

The State Penalties Enforcement Register is expected to collect 3,046 unpaid fines from the pandemic on behalf of Queensland Health.

More than 2,755 fines were from individuals and businesses accused of breaking Covid-19 restrictions and the rest either still under investigation or pending payment. About 56.4 per cent of fines have already been paid in full or are being paid off on a payment plan. SPER said enforcement for people who failed to pay their fines ‘may include garnishing bank accounts or wages, registering charges over property, or suspending driver licences’, according to the Brisbane Times.

5. EXPOSED: 2018 EU Already Planned Vaccination Certificates, Monitoring Vaccine Status, Combating Hesitancy

Over a year before the pandemic, the globalist European Union was strategizing on developing a sophisticated immunization tracking database, vaccine passports, and preemptively squashing “vaccine hesitancy.”

In 2018, a year before the coroanvirus outbreak, the European Commission released a document already addressing plans to ‘combat vaccination hesitancy,’ monitoring citizens’ vaccination status, squashing vaccine dissent, and European vaccination certificates.

The document, dated April 26, 2018, lays forth challenges that their future vaccination programs will face, from distrust, fear of vaccine side effects, “reducing vaccine reluctance” to “disinformation” campaigns. The EU even addresses issues that might arise during “innovative” vaccine’s pre-licensing phase. This 2018 globalist document followed the former European Union President, Jean-Claude Juncker’s call for action, in his 2017 State of the Union address, “for all Member States to support national vaccination efforts.”

(Really, read the story at RAIR and read it slowly and carefully. The implications are too serious to skim)

Thank you all who contributed to this effort, and to each other in all ways promoting liberty this week.

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  1. 3.)
    This what you see here is also Part and Parcel of living in the Lefts Wet-dream of the South African Rainbow Nation.
    “Witchcraft” is a part of daily Life and Believe-system of the Blacks.
    Many people are burned each year as witches and at the same time many people are murdered for their body-parts to make Muti (call it Potions for a better understanding).

    Go and type into your search-engine “Sangoma Flyers” and look in “Images” what they advertise in those and you’ll “understand” the mind-set.

  2. I really don’t care what color my next-door neighbor is and I don’t mind when parts of the city change a little to accommodate an influx of foreigners but what I do mind is the idea that our institutions and ethos are “white” and therefore racist and therefore have to change. Well, I don’t want them to change. Hell! People come here entirely because of those “white” institutions and customs and I do not want to swap those with some Third World country under any circumstances, white or otherwise.

    I like polling booths that aren’t rigged and courts that don’t require bribes and police that don’t steal from you and leaders who don’t siphon off billions from the treasury. Our culture is based on Western European culture and that happens to be “white”. Well, excuse me… Pakistanis and Kenyans and Syrians are fine but I plainly do not want them to bring their cultures with them, other than the kebabs and the fried rice. I expect them to become like us…

  3. Been in some African countries and witnessed first hand some of these horrific mass behaviours
    Mostly these people are outcasts and mentally ill or have physical issues..
    South eastern countries but it occurs all over Africa
    Witchcraft still integral part of rural and urban areas

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