Heaping evidence that the vaxx does nothing, or makes it all worse: Links 1, October 21, 2021

1. There is no new axe.

(Can you imagine 60 Minutes daring to show a counter-narrative point of view using facts these days?)

2. NIH Admits Funding Gain-Of-Function COVID Experiments; Gives EcoHealth Five Days To Report Data

A top NIH official admitted in a Wednesday letter that the US-funded so-called “gain-of-function” research in Wuhan, China – and that the US nonprofit which conducted it, EcoHealth Alliance – led by the controversial Peter Daszak, “failed to report” that they had created a chimeric bat coronavirus which could infect humans. […]

3. Alex Berenson’s Substack:

Pfizer and BioNTech announce their vaccine is USELESS 11 months after dosing…

Well, that’s not how they phrased it.

But it is the only reasonable way to read their press release claiming that the booster is 95% effective.

Remember. The booster is given to people who have RECEIVED the vaccine. (That’s why it’s a booster, right?)

And when they tested a booster against a placebo in those people, they found a 95% reduction in disease in people who received the booster (for a total of 11 weeks after they received the booster, excluding the first week, because science – by which I mean because including that week would not help their results).


(Please read the whole very short and punchy report at Alex’s site. There is more and its meaningful. What it means though you can guess. No safety data, and the actual efficacy of the mRNA devices is so poor the people who never got the shot are better off, both in terms of Covid and in terms of not getting the various kinds of vaxx damage.)

4. In Manitoba, among Amer-Indian populations, serious adverse effects including death, remain higher in those who have been ‘vaccinated’. We are looking for the link to this whole presentation. It would be good to see the slide and whatever else she may have to say beyond this short clip. But it certainly is an exoneration of what Dr. Charles Hoffe had to say when he first spoke out against the vaccines where he worked with an Aboriginal community.

(It must be nice to be part of an ethnic group where you are allowed to speak truth in an official capacity now and again.)

5. It appears that quietly, the NIH has added or is adding Ivermectin as one of the approved anti-viral agents for treatment of Covid. 

Thank you Pauline, M., Johnny U., Yucki, Eugyppius, Norwegian Troll, Xanthippa, Mad W., and all who care enough to question each other and ourselves to find the truth, which ultimately must be the best for all.

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  1. – As a bonus, former FDA execs are also on the Boards of Pfizer, Moderna, J&J. They also own loads of stocks. Some are also linked to Labs that sell test kits. –

    ** How can it be? The three FDA-authorized distributors of the highly controversial COVID vaccine all have under their employment former FDA Commissioners. **

    More: https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2021/10/revolving-door-three-fda-approved-covid-vaccine-big-pharma-companies-employ-former-fda-commissioners/

  2. 1. Counter-narrative
    “Kim Iversen: Is Fauci’s Botched Handling Of The AIDS Epidemic Being Repeated?” The Hill – September 7, 2021

  3. 5. “Table 2e. Characteristics of Antiviral Agents That Are Approved or Under Evaluation for the Treatment of COVID”

    (Each drug is linked to recent research around the world).



    One example of trial:
    “Brief Summary:
    In the context of COVID-19 pandemic, a report on ivermectin suppression of SARS-CoV-2 viral replication in cell cultures has been published, and the use of this medication seems to be potentially useful for the therapy. IVM safety profile and IVM wide spectrum enables to move forward with the investigation in patients infected by SARS-CoV-2 as a proof-of-concept of its possible use in the management of patients with COVID-19, given the current pandemic situation”


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