Stephen Coughlin: The intersectionality of Marx and Satan, the narrative through-line

At the end the blood runs cold.

It’s clear that Islam defeats the secular hedonists because belief to the degree of self sacrifice will always defeat a simple material equation.

And now we have the explanation of where for many leftists, the drive originates.

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    • So — the question mark is due to my inexperience with this new laptop. Now that I know that the smiley function isn’t working like I thought it did, I’ll absent them from future comments.

  1. More to come. He is working on a new brief.

    It is as far as I have read, about the necessity of understanding the Covid narratives as a Marxist/Maoist mass line attack on the West.

    But I am not very far into it yet. Will publish as soon as allowed.

  2. Much more on this to be found in the book “The Devil and Karl Marx” by Paul Kengor.

    Our enemies are not just flesh and blood.

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