Major protests at critical EU port in Italy, ANTIFA demands more fascism in Australia: Links 2, October 18, 2021

1. If I were a member of the Muslim community, I would be furious with Toronto municipal government.

The following video of a crowded Islamic funeral at the Toronto Muslim cemetery with zero bylaw or enforcement of the existing and current bylaws against group gatherings can only mean one of a few things.

A) There is no pandemic and all the rules and regulations are a means to selectively enforce against all counter-revolutionary groups like Jews and Christians while leaving Muslims to do what they like, as they are part of the overthrow of Western law, culture and civilization. Possible, but I don’t think they want us to think this. So let’s say no, even though its probably yes.

B) The government is too afraid of the muslim community to enforce against them. A highly likely possibility, but again, that defies the narrative of Islam as the religion of peace, and we know the state does not want us to know they are afraid of muslims and hence they get special rights and abilities denied to the more obedient among us, so for now, we also must say no, even though its probably yes, in the spirit of obedience to the narrative.

C) We really are in the midst of a never ending deadly pandemic of the Covid19 virus and its killing all who violate the Science Table’s advice and people must stay home and hook up to a tap full of mRNA injections and not go farther than they can carry the keg.

Well, if that is true, then clearly the government of Ontario is either trying to infect the Islamic community by not stopping them from gathering like this, or they don’t give a damn about their safety. And this fits the narrative perfectly, so we are gonna have to say yes to this one even though, You know, we all know it’s no.

So the Islamic community should be furious with Toronto for allowing them to violate rules that clearly could put them all in the hospital and overwhelm the system for people who need heart procedures, probably from vaccine induced, myocarditis.

Yes, this is a reason the Islamic community really should be angry. Isn’t it. Well isn’t it?

Unless there is something wrong with the official narrative of course.

2. Kingston Ontario. Any video of this? I mean really. There HAS to be video of this.

3. This is one strange “vaccine”. It clearly makes people who take it, far more susceptible to the disease those who have not taken it may be carrying. So the solution is to make everyone take it. It’s time to read some Kafka and see if I can tell the difference.

A vaccinated Florida man died of covid-19. His obituary begs others to get the shots.

[…] But as oxygen was being pumped into his lungs in a Florida emergency room, Allen, 84, who had been vaccinated against the coronavirus for months, asked daughter Danielle to repeat the surprising diagnosis that still left him in disbelief.

“I was the one who told him he had covid,” she told The Washington Post on Thursday. “The doctor told my dad the first day in the hospital that he was a one-in-a-million case to be in the ER.”

Allen, a breakthrough case of a vaccinated individual who contracted the virus, died of the coronavirus a few days later, on July 22, alone in hospice care. When the time came to write his obituary this month, two of his daughters, Danielle and Nicole Allen-Gentile, wanted to honor their father’s life and express their anger about how they think their vaccinated father got infected.

“He was infected by someone who chose to not get vaccinated and his death was preventable,” the obituary reads. “It is the wish of his family that everyone get vaccinated in order to prevent further death, sickness and heartbreak.”

(Average age of death in US: 78.79 years)

4. There is a MAJOR protest in Trieste Italy agianst VAXX PASS, which they call a “Green Pass”. I guess getting ready for the Carbon pass that will be next. HeHa, one of our hard working Italian translators, tells us that Trieste is one of the most important ports in Europe and that the people in charge there are in real trouble because if they block the ports, all EU trade is in trouble. Martin posted a LOT of videos of this ongoing protest in the Reader’s Links today.

5. The group we all know who calls themselves, “ANTI FASCISTS” (ANTIFA) protest in Oz for HARSHER and STRICTER government control of all your actions and movements.

Thank you Doris, M., Richard, Johnny U., Mad W., Yucki, Marianne W. and MANY more over at the Mastodon Pod as well.

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  1. – Always when the powerful pass away, do we hear about the double-jab victims. And we do know the experimental jab can be cancer-friendly –

    ** Former Secretary of State Colin L Powell, 84, has died from COVID-19 complications while battling a blood cancer myeloma -which lowered his immune system- and was then complicated by a COVID-19 infection. **

    It has been well reported that Colin Powell had multiple myeloma blood cancer, a cancer that forms in plasma cells and diminishes the body’s immune response. Obviously the statement “complications from Covid 19” could mean anything. Some are wondering if the vaccine introduced the COVID-19 virus to an already compromised immune system.

    There has been an increased research concern the COVID vaccines may complicate the body’s natural immune system response to fight cancers in healthy people. If the immune system is actually compromised, the implication would be that a vaccination would make the issue worse, aka “complications from Covid 19”.

    (more…) –

  2. FLASHMOB: In Islam, singing is ‘haram’. It’s such a depressing ideology.

    ITEM 1: Police are too scared to interfere. They don’t want to be called ‘islamophobic’ and/or attract retaliation such as a jihadi attack.

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