Italian Deputy Police Chief: “Disobedience has become a duty!” Links 2, October 13, 2021

1. Alberta Judge compels Pastor Artur to reputiate himself in public, condemned him for appearing on Tucker Carlson

2. Chicago decides to allow weekly covid tests and backs off mandatory vaxx for school teachers

With an impending COVID-19 vaccination deadline for employees, unvaccinated Chicago Public Schools teachers and staffers will be able to opt for weekly testing and continue working after this week.

CPS CEO Pedro Martinez on Wednesday said those who are not fully vaccinated by Friday’s deadline must consent to weekly testing, but will not be immediately barred from working, as had previously been threatened.

“Employees will not be barred from coming to work,” he said. “We’re going to just work with them to see where they’re at in the vaccination process, what hesitation they might have, what information we can give them … I feel fairly confident that we’re going to be ok.”

The shift comes after union leaders, Chicago teachers and staffers penned a letter asking Mayor Lori Lightfoot not to bar unvaccinated employees from their work after this week.

3. Islamic Enrichment: Migrant Mob Viciously Beats Minor They Believe is Gay

(Noteworthy is how the left, which pushes, well you all know what the left pushes, you cannot possibly escape it anywhere, not even in comic books or movies, manages to avoid any discussion of how islamic immigration is fatal for women and homosexuals)

On September 30, a mob of Islamic migrants targeted and severely beat a 17-year-old young man in France they mistakenly accused of being gay. While left-wing leaders claim to be champions of the LGBT community, they continue to import sharia-compliant Muslims who believe homosexuality is a punishable crime.

A video captured several migrants dressed in black, some hooded, up beating and kicking the young man at the foot of a building in a “sensitive area” (no-go-zone) of Montgeron. A young woman and man try in vain to intervene and stop the violent attack.

During another portion of the clip, migrants beat the minor in a park. This time, a young woman tries to protect the victim from the mob’s punches.

Videos of attack at RAIR linked above

4. Five people confirmed dead and more injured by killer armed with a bow and arrows in Norway: Police probe terror motive as suspect is arrested after marauding through of town south of Oslo for more than 34 minutes firing at random victims

At least five people have been killed and two others injured by a man using a bow and arrows to carry out attacks in the Norwegian town of Kongsberg.

Police arrested the suspect after he marauded through the town for 34 minutes firing randomly at victims and are probing a possible terror motive. The man was identified by TV2 as an ethnic Norwegian who converted to Islam and is known to mental health workers.

‘We can unfortunately confirm that there are several injured and also unfortunately several killed in this episode,’ police official Oyvind Aas told a news conference. ‘The man who committed this act has been arrested by the police and, according to our information, there is only one person involved.’ 

(Before anyone dismisses this as just a crazy person, please note that when say, schizophrenics for example, decide they are Jesus they tend to sacrifice themselves and go around trying to save people. In the unlikely event they decide they are Moses, they may try and attempt being a Red Sea pedestrian. But for some reason, when they think they are devout muslims, they try and kill everyone else. Why is that I wonder.)

5. It’s not as fun watching Fauci lie as one might think it is when the stakes are this high. There is only ONE answer to the question he was asked. And that answer is:

‘We cannot possibly know the long term effects because this technology is brand new and has never been used in humans before. We were already wrong about the short term effects as we now know the efficacy of the protection it offers wears off between 3 months and a year after the second dose. So, we cannot answer what the long term, or even the medium term effects of these mRNA shots are.’

Instead, he blathers these lies below:

6. Italian Deputy Police chief: “Disobedience has become a duty!”

Thank you all who contributed to our efforts in any way this week so far. There is momentum on both sides at last. So maintain. Please do not lose hope. Morale is real, and it can make or break a cause.

Remember Tiffany Dover? If indeed she did die from the shot, and the drug companies and government covered it up, they are guilty of so much murder. Think on how many people would not have taken this injection had it been known that she did die as it looked an awful lot like she did at that time. As far as we know, there has been no proof of life since her TV appearance, and a great deal of indicators that she did pass away.

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  1. Did you know that the total cost of the Americans’ 11-ship aircraft carrier fleet is worth approximately the same amount as the airbase they left in Baghram Afghanistan? No kidding! Joe Biden just gave the equivalent to the greatest military machine the world has ever seen to the Goddamn Taliban and their ISIS Alqueda Communist Chinese Iranian North Korean Cuban Pakistani Turkish friends. The entire US Carrier Fleet!!! And we now know that even his own Generals tried to dissuade him from doing it so it’s all on Joe…

    I do not believe that he did this by accident. I don’t believe that at all…

    Isn’t it obvious that Joe Biden is compromised and is doing the direct bidding of the Communist Chinese under threat of having the evidence they have collected against him exposed and finding himself alone and dying in the Special Segregation Unit inside the Prison-within-a-prison within the walls of Fort Leavenworth Federal Prison, in 24-hour solitary confinement (for his own protection, of course) being woken up and hassled every half hour to prevent him from committing suicide, with nothing to do but sit there and feel bad under the always-on glaring lights (also for his own protection, of course…?

    I fully expect to hear that they found the poor tortured bastard sprawled across his desk with a pistol in his hand and a note (which will be destroyed) next to his inert body. I’d rather be anybody other than Joe Biden right now and I suspect he is truly damned…

      • That is precisely what I think. No other explanation makes sense. For instance, who but an enemy would wish to take a nation from a state of energy self-sufficiency to a state of energy dependence, especially upon hostile foreign powers? Who, besides the enemy, would give away 80-plus billion dollars in military material to their worst enemy? Who, besides the enemy would abandon the border wall and invite millions of future prison and welfare customers into the country? And who, besides the enemy, would discredit and ban the use of a safe effective drug in the face of thousands of people dying in a pandemic?

        And finally, who besides Joe Biden, is known to be corrupt as hell and is more likely to have evidence against him deep within the clutches of the CCP? I think this all started in 2008. Like, why didn’t the press vet Barack Obama when his name sounds a lot like “Osama bin Laden” and his origins are murky at best? Nobody had heard of the guy and there were plenty of red flags to see, and yet they just didn’t care about anything. Strange, no…?

        Yes! I think the CCP is the President of the United States as well as the CEO of practically every media outlet and university and movie studio in the country. And I think they’ve got the same sort of thing going on in every country in the world, sorta like the Russians back in the good old days…

  2. Hmmm. Seems to me that this communist judge bears further scrutiny.
    Where does it live, where does it go?
    The end of the coronazi’s is in sight.
    Will we leave these vermin walking around to do this again, and again, and again, until they finally kill all of us?
    Or, do We the People say No!
    Trash Day is at hand.
    Remember all these Freislers, Himmlers and Mengeles. Remember their faces, and remember their geographic.
    Remember the dead, and the maimed. Remember the terror and fear.
    Sharpen your knives, and mark the lynching trees.
    We will have to do the weeding and culling.
    We cannot live with these vermin. They must be removed by any means, and I guess voting just isn’t going to hack it.
    It’s the old-fashioned way, or darkness and extinction follows.

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