Some focus on Canada: Trudeau, Polish MPs protest Oz, and more: Links 1, October 9, 2021

1. Sanity for Sweden: Miss World winner gave up crown to refuse vaxx.

Referenced video of Polish MPs protesting Australian embassy

2. This guy has a theory about the next rights-destroying pandemic which has the working title, Marburg. Once this name gets out, they will probably change it. But meanwhile here is his theory, which deserves at least as much credibility as Fauci gets. Depending on when of course. Fauci told the truth about masks and PCR tests before he lied about them.

3. Canadian politician, Stockwell Day notices that Canadian Media doesn’t seem to be reporting on how Scandinavia has stopped the use of MODE RNA either for certain groups or all together. Makes you think Canadian media has an agenda or something. Anyone have a CBC link to the Iceland story?

(CBC, CTV, Global etc. are enemy propaganda. They publish truth and lies consistent to promote a very specific narrative. When they appear to be combative, they are actually demanding more of the exact policy under discussion. Never if its good or needed. Once aware of this con, it’s easy to see. Especially with vaccines. All things that cause vaccine hesitancy is to be mocked or otherwise Alinsky 13’d or not mentioned at all. And anything promoting Covid regulations that reduce freedom and rights is to be fake-fought by reporters asking why there isn’t more enforcement and more strict measures. Media seems to operate more like a symphony with supporting melodies and tension to enhance the main melody rather than any attempt to look at or process real information.)

4. Let’s listen to this ethical Australian police woman speak about why she is quitting the force.

At this point, it looks like the elite, the major global drug cartels and the politicians they financed and the media they sit on the boards of, are gambling on the ethics and principles of the Western world. They believe that people are such hedonistic cowards that they will abandon all principles and all hope and all semblance of cooperation in a Western nation, not to mention constitutional rights, just to keep a paycheck. We already are getting a decent idea of how right or wrong they are. But the minority percentage like this police woman and the doctors and nurses who quit in order not to take something they believe deeply is bad for them and for all of us, may have the power of the righteous. That is yet to be seen.

FULL 92 minute interview here:

(Link above has more information at Conservative Tree House.)

5. Australia’s Andrew Bolt does segment on Justin Trudeau. But I think he misses the main point.

(everything Andrew Bolt does is worth seeing. But I think he misses the point on this one.

This is about cutting slices off the population and weaponizing them against the main component of civilisation in order to destroy it. Like all Communists, Trudeau doesn’t give a damn about homosexual rights, women for sure, we saw that with the two women in his cabinet who tried to do the right thing and where threatened and fired for their trouble. or Canada’s tribal peoples. He just wants to hurt classical Canada using them as weapons with the oppressor oppressed dialectic. Once the revolution is complete no identity of any kind will be tolerated other than communist.

Just like Islam)

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7 Replies to “Some focus on Canada: Trudeau, Polish MPs protest Oz, and more: Links 1, October 9, 2021”

  1. OMG
    Just watched the vid on Justice Center
    Policing the Pandemic
    Maybe it was on here before
    It’s on Rumble
    Don’t know how to capture the link

  2. Greg Wycliffe vid is one of the best I’ve seen
    I wish I could resend it without going to Twitter
    Any help in this regard.?

  3. Got it
    It’s on youtube

    Hate to even use that crap
    No Facebook
    No Twitter
    No google hard to avoid
    As little YouTube as possible

  4. FDA – -Federal Death Agency

    In 1969, the Former Commissioner of the U.S. FDA, Harvard Professor, Dr Herbert Ley stated “The FDA protects the big drug companies, and is subsequently rewarded, and using the government’s police powers, they attack those who threaten the big drug companies. People think the FDA is protecting them. It isn’t. What the FDA is doing, and what the public thinks it is doing are as different as night and day.”

  5. Scary to here WHO mentioning Marburg Hemorragic Fever. Good God, these people are mad men playing a very ,very, dangerous game.

    Introduce Covid, slide into Delta, then Marburg. What are the symptoms of Marburg? Feel like you have the flu, fever, chills, tired, headache, muscle pain, stomachache, a rash, bleeding under skin ( mimics Covid ), then internal organs or from openings in the body such as a mouth, eyes, and ears.

    Symptoms appear suddenly from 2 – 21 days after exposure to virus. Most people see symptoms in 8 -10 days. THERE IS NO CURE. Don’t go to hospital call Doctor first.

    Marburg virus normally lives in African monkeys. Migration Outbreak what then, well, well, well, the WHO just happens to be working on a vaccine – with ricinus communis in it. Fear not, for ricinus communis is already used in traditional medicine for abdominal pain, arthritis, backache, muscle aches, bilharziasis, chronic headaches, constipation…………. it won’t hurt you.

    If you think you have seen panic and fear with Covid, of course it is absolutely just a crazy conspiracy theory, so why is Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus speaking about Marburg? Fear, fear, fear, OMG, yes we want the ricinus vaccine, who gives a shit if some people die from your vaccine, it is now part of live and death, shit happens and there are millions of fearful, puppets dying for your next “vaccine”.

    It could be the end of the world, as we know it.

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