Saskatchewan takes a page from the old timey dictator book: Links 2, October 9, 2021

1. CTV on Saskatchewan’s newest use of old totalitarian methods of forcing compliance of loss of basic rights. The use of retired police and snitch lines for all who fail to deny rights to those who did not take the clot shot.


Saskatchewan is putting together a team, largely made up of retired police officers, to enforce public health orders.

The Covid Enforcement Team (CET) will be responsible for enforcing the indoor mask mandate and proof of vaccination requirements at places like gym and restaurants, according to a Saskatchewan Health Authority presentation to doctors on Thursday night.

The province is also restarting an online non-compliance reporting form and telephone line for residents to report suspected public health order violations.

Doctors were told the secure isolation site at the Saskatchewan Hospital in North Battleford is being reopened. The site was previously used to house COVID-19 patients who refused to self-isolate. It’s expected to be up and running within the next three weeks.

2. EXPOSED: Biden to Install ‘Bolshevik’ Saule Omarova to Nationalize Banks

An image has surfaced referring to Robert Hockett, Saule Omarova, and the late Lynn Stout as the ‘Bolshevik contingent of Cornell’s finance group’.

“Only by nationalising the banks can the state put itself in a position to know where and how, whence and when, millions and billions of rubles flow.” – Vladimir Lenin, “Nationalisation of the Banks”, 1917

There is no doubt that Biden’s pick to head the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency is a Marxist. She wrote her thesis about Karl Marx, she studied at Moscow State University and she received a scholarship named after Vladimir Lenin.

But it has not been reported, until now, that an image referring to Saule Omarova, Robert Hockett and the late Lynn Stout as the “Bolshevik contingent of Cornell’s finance group” has surfaced.

The photo, posted in 2015 on fellow Cornell University professor Robert Hockett’s Facebook page, was provided to RAIR Foundation USA by anti-communist author and filmmaker Trevor Loudon: […]

(This seems like a good time to repost this link from the National Post on Mark Carney)

3. Here is a great sample of the kind of irrational hate filled radical right wing white supremacists protesting in Australia.[set mode: sarc/off]

4. Anyone aware of this example of the constant grinding destructive revolution that communism is everywhere, but this manifestation is in the UK? Seems a feminist who didn’t keep up with what she is supposed to believe, is facing all kinds of criminal thought charges cause… I don’t really know from the article. I guess we are like Pakistan now, where you can’t report on what a thought crime is without breaking the same law by reporting it.

The Guardian has a similar story to the BBC one linked above

An accountant working for a gender-critical feminist group in Scotland has been charged in relation to allegedly homophobic and transphobic tweets in a case that has been seized on as an exemplar of the apparent clash between free speech and transgender rights.

Marion Millar, from Airdrie, was bailed to appear at Glasgow sheriff court next month. Millar works for For Women Scotland, a group that brought a legal challenge against the Scottish government in January over its definition of “woman” in an act to improve gender representation on public boards.

The case has already gained wide attention among those who believe women’s rights and free speech are under attack from people who want to privilege transgender rights.

If you search out her name, Marion Millar, there is a ton of stories about her. The significance of them is how established it is in the land of Magna Carta, that thought and speech crimes can destroy and imprison you now.

5. Italy: Armed state thugs beat on unarmed protestors in Rome over the Vaxx Pass BS which they call a “Green Pass”. which makes sense as its clearly a prelude to social credit system using the language of environmentalism to control us.

There are two posts from 10:00 AM ET at this site where the comments are well populated with protest videos. One is just France, and one is the rest of the world. To get a ringside seat of the collapse of liberal democracy and individual human rights, go to the comments on those posts.

Thank you M., Richard, Johnny U., Xanthippa, Kalloi, Sassy, ML., Tama, Morticiaa and all who participate in the emancipation of our psyches from this mass hypnosis we are in.

“Do the math, and think about incentive”


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  1. Scotland has never been the land of Magna Carta.

    Mind you, England hasn’t been the land of Magna Carta for a very long time, either.

    Did she die in vain? Probably.

  2. ITEM 4: Notice there is never any mention of the high number of T-gender suicides and regrets, those who actually underwent the surgical procedure to change their genitals.

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