More health professionals resign rather than take mRNA gene therapy when most already have natural immunity: Links 2, October 5, 2021

1. Ontario doctor resigns over forced vaccines, says 80% of ER patients with mysterious issues had both shots

Dr. Rochagné Kilian asked a hospital system CEO some tough questions about unethical behaviour and he deferred to the government.

LifeSiteNews has produced an extensive COVID-19 vaccines resources page. View it here. 

OWEN SOUND, Ontario (LifeSiteNews) – Dr. Rochagné Kilian recently resigned as an emergency room and family practice physician due to her concerns that the Ontario health system and Grey Bruce Health Services (GBHS) crossed ethical lines throughout the pandemic.

In a virtual meeting that included GBHS CEO Gary Sims and other staff members, Dr. Kilian asked Sims a series of questions about what she believes is unethical behaviour on behalf of the Ontario health system at all levels. Sims appeared to be unprepared for difficult questions pertaining to the ongoing rollout of vaccination mandates and vaccine segregation restrictions the Ontario heath system is championing.

Kilian estimated that 80 percent of the patients she saw in the ER during the past month who had inexplicable symptoms were “double vaxxed.”

2. Here is a great gauge of public (justifiable) cynicism. Read the comments under this video. The video may or may not be any good but without watching it we already know there are safe, cheap and effective meds already in existence that have BETTER results than this new one does. And again, not having watched it, I bet Global enemy propaganda network, doesn’t mention one of them.

3. Tragedy in Rural Alberta and the Courageous Dr. Daniel Nagase Speaks Out

(Best to click through and read the whole story at the source. Its more than just another doctor trying to scream fire in a theatre that is actually on fire while the government binds and gags him. He offers auxiliary proofs of his methods and effects.)

On the Steps of the Vancouver Art Gallery on Friday evening past, celebrating the 75 Anniversary of the Nuremberg Code, Dr. Nagase gave this Powerful Speech.

Master of Ceremonies: Joseph Roberts, Publisher and Founder of Common Ground Magazine

Dr. Daniel Nagase has been a doctor for over 15 years, he graduated from Dalhousie Medical School in 2004. He has been an emergency doctor for 10 years and has been working in rural underserviced communities throughout Alberta since 2015. He has a story he’d like to share with you about what happened after he gave Covid patients Ivermectin in a small hospital west of Red Deer.

Thank you, Joseph,

It is wonderful to see all of you here remembering Nuremburg.

And that’s the key here, remembering. Not just the nurses and doctors that are helping by speaking the Truth, people like Dr. Charles Hoffe in Lytton, but also to remember the doctors in hospital administration, the doctors at the college of physicians and surgeons, the doctors you see on TV that are standing in the way of life saving medications.

Let me tell you what happened in Rimbey, Alberta, a small-town a couple hours west of Red Deer. It shocked me. I started on Saturday morning in the ER, and when it came time to round on the ward patients, the charge nurse informed me that 3 of the patients on the COVID wing had deteriorated overnight.

All the patients were on Oxygen and extremely short of breath. The only medication these patients were on were steroids, a medication that will decrease inflammation but increase the chances of a bacterial infection by suppressing the immune system. That’s right, the only medication the Covid patients at this hospital were on were immune suppressants!

(Looking for a video of this speech)

4. Expat Saudi doctor explains that tyranny is ALWAYS FOR YOUR SAFETY

5. Government of Ontario kicks out a Caucus member because he won’t take the injection.

It must be a really scary disease if you have to threaten people with taking away their jobs, careers and homes to force them to take a ‘vaccine’ for it.

Thank you Johnny U., M., ML., KAF., PC., Yucki, MissPiggy, Hellequin GB., Kalloi, Nathan H., Richard, C., Snaphanen.Dk and MANY more who are using this platform to try and make sense of an ever darkening universe.

Or as my dad told me when I was a kid, “Son”, he said, “Life, is a swirling, sucking, eddy of despair. Punctuated by brief moments of false hope, in an ever darkening universe”.

Actually no, that was a TV comic from the 70s who said that as part of his tight five. But it was funny then cause it wasn’t true.


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  1. I think what we all must remember is that the “intelligentsia” and “elites” want the population to decrease and have been saying it in published works for over 50 years. Twenty years ago many “responsible” people were stating we had to get the Earth’s population down below 1 billion by whatever means necessary. The only difference is that now it’s not just the black, brown, etc… (Think outlawing DDT) people, but everyone.

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