Important interview with Prof. Byron Bridle: Just the facts on vaxx and policy

This is truly important. There is next to zero hyperbole, or claims of genocide, or any other conjecture whatsoever. It is pure facts, both on the vaccine, but equally interesting and in a way, more importantly, the facts around how the panels were stacked to force decisions on vaccine policy that had little to nothing to do with science or truth.

For example, on one Canadian panel on vaccine policy, only two people had any title or credentials that allowed them to have an understanding of the issues on the table, and those two were the only people at that panel that had a non-voting role in terms of policy. Which tends to suggest this deck was stacked from the start, and stacked knowing that educated people in the field would never have allowed ANY of these measures to happen on any scale at all.

This is just one of the revelations in this video from Friday’s Corona Webcast by Reiner Fuellmich. The guest is Ontario vaccinologist, Byron Bridel.

In the video, they mention a press conference he spoke at. That video is below the current interview

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