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10 Replies to “UK Funeral home operator on vaxx deaths in his experience”

    • A- The use of placebo as a marketing tool makes too much sense to not be considered possible.

      B- It would be nice if Reiner’s sidekick showed up in a purple turtleneck and a beehive.

    • We use two non-Youtube platforms here. Both of them use a more or less distributed system of delivery. This means that you may have to do a tweak.

      Install Brave browser, and go to this site, and turn the shield at the top right of the address bar that looks like a lion’s head, off.

      Then go to bitchute.com and do the same thing. That ought to help a lot.

    • I have to wait quite awhile for many to download. – – I also know that it is the weekend – Vladtepesblog — a problem repeatedly occurred usually comes up – I live in nowhereville.

      Jan if you live in Canada you are not allowed to say you hate anything.

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