AUSTRALIA – Berejiklian resigns as New South Wales premier

Gladys Berejiklian has resigned as premier of New South Wales <b>after it was revealed she is under investigation</b> from ICAC.

She will also step down as the member for Willoughby, which will trigger a by-election.

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5 Replies to “AUSTRALIA – Berejiklian resigns as New South Wales premier”

  1. She is on the run hoping to hide from the coming justice. Forget about corruption, she is scared to death of what her fellow citizens will do when they catch up with her.

  2. This is the best news one can have in AUS right now. Thank god the witch is dead. And there will be an election. Starting to have hope that the aussies will pull out of this tryanny.

  3. More than likely her handlers wanted her to go more Stasi and she either hesitated or refused.
    These allegations against her were probably known from the start and used to blackmail her in the first place.
    THEY went through with their threat and are making good on it.
    This will serve as a warning to any other brave sheep leaders that decide to have 2nd thoughts on implementation of the continuing Tyranny.

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