Police in Canada are not as malevolent as in Oz, but the governments are: Links 1, September 29, 2021

1. Chris Sky is not wrong.

2. More high profile deaths shortly after getting second dose of Pfizer. Note the condescending tone of the video while an Aboriginal leader gets the shot, directed at the rest of us. He died 6 days later. He himself no doubt thought he was doing the right and noble thing. But the media who used him this way deserves the 6th bolgia of hell.

3. Speaking of Australia, once again the Victoria Health minister speaks truth about the ratio of hospitalized injected Vs. not. No doubt, like last time, he will be made to walk it back. But like last time, he is very clear on exactly who is sick in Victoria.

For anyone who thinks this clip is not authentic, here is the entire video of 59 minutes.

4. In Milan last Saturday, the police appeared to be with the protestors, and took off their helmets. In geopolitical terms, this could be interpreted as the point during a revolution when things turn around. But the day is young and much can happen. In any case, its a great sign.

5. Victoria protests update. Story here


Thank you all for your contributions to this effort, which becomes increasingly important, and increasingly consequential.

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4 Replies to “Police in Canada are not as malevolent as in Oz, but the governments are: Links 1, September 29, 2021”

  1. 2021 integrity wears a funny suit, doesn’t it? Ironic, vulgar, egotistical, clownishly hyper-masculine in a feminized world, tattooed, self-screwed, sincerely moved, and so 2021-ishly perfect. A counter-culture creation of the now–not the incremental–shaming sheep with conscience to compel.

    VTB has one photo of a menacing German Shepherd walking to the camera, a little blonde-haired girl he is protecting in the background. Another pure suit of integrity.

  2. Bevan Costello – ROFL!
    I see the abbo’s in oz have the same problem the indigs have in leafastan…
    They’ve turned into slightly mixed race white people!
    Oh! The Humanity! Oh! Muh Critical Wace Theory!
    Oh, yeah. If you’re a coronazi, and you snuff it from your precious jab, too damned bad!
    If nothing else, this has been a wonderful sorting and culling mechanism.
    All the totalitarians and the terminally stupid have outed themselves.
    Take the next step, folks. There is no possibility of a nice way out, and there is no way to reconcile with these coronazi’s. They are murderous vermin, and they will keep coming at all of us until a Final Solution is applied to euro-scum communism world wide.

    • I am not aware of any of his views on the Holocaust.

      I can say that I have had more fights with friends and relatives over Chris Sky than anyone else short of President Donald Trump, and I wasn’t even defending Sky, just trying to understand him objectively. In fact I just had a semi-argument 1 minute ago.

      I think he is a dramatically divisive character. But he is not wrong about a lot of what he says.

      What is your opinion of this video of another person who is very hard core. I haven’t posted it because he appears threatening at the end and I don’t need that kind of trouble. But I would be interested in what other people think of this video.


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