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One Reply to “Canadian Covid facts that matter thanks to the JCCF”

  1. Excellent resource, thank you Eeyore.
    The rampant statistical manipulation make it imperative that we also consider the data from other countries. I will keep a weather eye out for such resources as we might find in Sweden, India and other countries abroad.

    Just a couple of thoughts on the limitations of coronavirus statistics:
    1. Individual health and human immune systems are the foundation of herd immunity. The public authorities are not only pointedly silent on this, almost every policy tends to weaken the physical health of the population. The mandates risk the overall health of the general population. The long term effect on all cause mortality is ultimately more meaningful, and is not captured on the nightly “weather report” on the virus.

    2. Another reason these short term statistics can be misleading is that they are denuded of the context of viral evolution. An article which explains:
    “The first wave of the 1918 Spanish Flu was not particularly deadly, with mortality rates similar to regular seasonal flu. …the cramped conditions of trench warfare and field hospitals allowed dangerous variants that immobilize their hosts to spread freely with little competition from less dangerous variants.. It is therefore highly likely that the 1918 Spanish Flu would never have been more than a really bad flu season had it not been for the amplifying effect of lockdown conditions created by a world at war.”

    “What has been done by temporarily blunting the risk of hospitalization or death, but without stopping infection among the vaccinated, is to create a set of evolutionary conditions where a variant that is dangerous to the unvaccinated can spread easily among the vaccinated without making the vaccinated very sick.”

    The moral panic has been fomented on the assumption that the consequences of the virus are captured by selective and massaged short-term statistical aggregates. Nevertheless, it is helpful to have the wider data sets for ourselves, not the particular measures the facci clones select at any given moment.

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